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Agencies love their NOMADS!


Our period 4 teams got some great comments from the United Methodist agencies who had projects this period:

"A great team, the leaders have been here before and have a good feel of the campus. Total cooperation from all. This was a very good team."

"NOMADS were outstanding! Team Leaders were well organized which made the entire project team organized, very efficient, and cooperative. Made some recommendations to enhance project work. All items listed on the project application were completed as well as additional work. The participation was outstanding! Team members participated in worship service and the congregation was very receptive to team members."

"This team was like a well oiled machine! They worked well together helping each other, sharing great ideas and ways of doing things that were efficient and thorough. They were very dedicated and conscientious in everything they did working very hard every single day. I'm convinced there was not anything this group couldn't do including both men and women! They were all amazing. Some of our church volunteers came to help the NOMADS and they were welcomed to the team and really enjoyed working with the NOMADS. They were friendly to everyone and so appreciative of anything we did for them or help provided. The staff, church members and everyone who met them were amazed at the amount of work they accomplished in 12 days time and are still talking about how nice everything looks thanks to these NOMADS. They all interacted with our staff and volunteers in such a way you felt you had known them forever. They participated in some of our church events and one NOMAD even went to choir practice and sang in the choir 2 Sundays. We hope they will all decide to return again in any capacity they can."

"Their work and participation was excellent. They got to know many of our church members and participated in church activities. We were all very glad to have them here."

"All work was performed with complete satisfaction. The end result was better than expected. All team members participated fully, with most far exceeding requirements."

"They were excellent, as always."

"This team met and exceeded our expectations! They were competent and completed all tasks requested. They were a true blessing and we are grateful for their service to our community!"

"As always the team was great, they were spot on. Maximized time and efficiency. High quality of work on all projects."

"The work that NOMADS completed was great. No problems at all. NOMADS had the right skills to complete all aspects of all jobs we had them do for us."

"Great group of people. Each had a skill set that complimented the others. They worked hard and accomplished a lot in 3 weeks. It was my honor to work with this group. They not only improved the homes they worked in, but their interactions with the homeowners also brightened their lives as well. To me that is what the Nomads are all about."