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Team Baton Rouge Report April 19, 2019


The DR project in Baton Rouge, Louisiana just completed another wonderful week.

The week started with a combined Palm Sunday service at Francis Asbury UMC.  Two other churches in the community joined Francis Asbury for a wonderful time of worship, fellowship, and pot luck dinner. 
Members from an African-American church and a Hispanic church attended and even led us in worship.  The pastor from the Hispanic church presented a sermon about Palm Sunday.  After service we all enjoyed the great food brought for the pot luck dinner.  One of the gentlemen from the African-American church had cooked a large pan of chicken wings, they were great.

On Sunday evening the team met to greet our newest team members, Max and Anne.  We also discussed the planned work for the upcoming week.

Monday, Butch, Cheri, and Sharon returned to Julie Hodges Lane to complete the installation of the temporary sink cabinet and sink.  They also finished connecting the sewer lines to the two bathrooms.  Max and Anne went to Norwich Ave to start on the painting work there.  They painted the ceilings and some rooms with primer in preparation of the final paint.  Mark, Jo, Suzanne, Jayne, Joe, and Gary returned to Baker Street to continue the finish work on that house.

On Tuesday, with the completion of the plumbing work on Julie Hodges Lane, Butch, Cheri, and Suzanne joined Max and Anne at the house on Norwich to continue the painting.  They would continue to paint there the rest of the week.

Mark, Jo, Sharon, Jayne, Joe, and Gary continued to work at the house on Baker Street.  We completed all the assigned work there by noon on Thursday.  The homeowner needs to have the heating and air condition completed and she can move in.  We will have a Bible presentation at the home next week.

Severe storms made for a short workday on Thursday.  Heavy rains, high winds, and the possibility of tornadoes caused us to return to our RV’s where the church would make a great shelter if needed.  The storms went all around us, with none of us seeking shelter outside of our RV’s.

We said farewell to Butch and Cheri, and Mark and Jo, on Saturday morning.  Three new couples will be arriving Saturday.

Gary and Sharon, team leaders