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Weekly Report from Baton Rouge April 14, 2019


Sharon and I arrived in Baton Rouge on Friday, 4/5/19, to take over the lead on the project from Stel and Jodi.  Stel and Jodi were leaving on Saturday morning, so we spent Friday afternoon and evening going over the project.  Stel did a great job of describing the work that has been completed and the work in progress.  She also gave us a tour of the church facilities, including the workshop/warehouse that belongs to the Louisiana UMC conference.  On Saturday we gave a farewell to Stel and Jodi as they headed out.

On Sunday the team, Butch and Cheri, Suzanne, Joe and Jayne, Mark and Jo, and Sharon and I, went to church at Francis Asbury UMC, our host church.  After lunch, Mark led us to the Shrimp Basket where we had seafood.  That evening we had our team meeting welcoming new team members Dan and Susanne.  Dan and Susanne arrived midafternoon on Sunday.

Monday morning after our morning devotions and meeting the team prepared to start the days work.  Daryl, the construction manager, arrived just as we were preparing to leave and guided us to some work that we had not discussed.  We divided up into three groups and headed out.  Butch, Cheri, and Sharon went to Julie Hodges Lane to work on plumbing in a house that the teams had been working on for some time.  Mark, Jo, Suzanne, Joe, and Jayne went to Baker Street to continue working on Pam’s house.  The teams had been working on this house for several weeks.  They continued to put down the flooring, painting, install trim, and other finish work.  Dan, Susanne, and Gary went to Greenway Street to do some punch list work on Harry’s house.  Dan did a wonderful job of cutting the crown molding to go on top of the kitchen cabinets.

Tuesday continued just as Monday with the teams returning to the same houses.
Wednesday the same group returned to Baker Street.  Butch went over to Baker Street prior to going back to Julie Hodges Lane to help with a plumbing problem.  After his expert help, he and Cheri and Sharon went on to Julie Hodges Lane.

After spending the rest of the morning there, Butch, Cheri, and Sharon went back to the church where they started building a temporary kitchen cabinet with a sink for the house they had been working.  The temporary cabinet with a sink will allow the family to occupy the home sooner. 

Dan, Susanne, and Gary were given the job to go to Jackson, Louisiana, to repair a crack in the ceiling of a mobile home.  The ceiling had cracked while being moved to its current location.  The mobile home had been provided to the family from the Louisiana Conference.  The drive to the location took longer that the repair work.  We would need to return the next day and put on a second layer of mud and texture to match the rest of the ceiling.  The ceiling will be repainted sometime the following week.

Dan, Susanne, and Gary returned to the church where we met with Daryl.  Daryl sent us to Joan St. to help a gentleman install a hood vent over the stove.  The homeowner had everything ready, including the holes cut in the cabinet and the ceiling for the new vent pipe.  We hung the cabinet and with much encouragement to the vent pipe we got it installed.

Thursday the team that had been working at Baker Street returned adding Susanne to their team.  They continued to do finish work, including cutting a hole in the wall behind where the dryer would go to install a dryer vent.  Dan and Gary returned to finish the ceiling repair in Jackson.  Butch, Cheri, and Sharon continued to work on the kitchen cabinet for Julie Hodges Lane.  At the end of the day it was completed and will be delivered and installed sometime the following week.  After Dan and Gary returned to the church, Daryl had some more work on the house on Joan Street that need completed.  Since Butch was already at the church, he and Dan went to Joan Street to help with a plumbing problem.  As usual Butch took care of it very easily.  Gary went to Baker Street where he helped the team carry the washer and dryer into the house and hook them up.  The team also installed the kitchen counter tops.

The biggest event for the week was when the whole team went to Harry’s house on Greenway Street Thursday morning to present the signed Bible to Harry.  The team had gotten to know Harry very well during the time we worked at his house.  We all became emotional as the Bible was given to him.

What a great week we had, but the Thursday evening dinner at Drusilla’s was the icing on the cake.  Yeah, there was icing on the cake that some had for dessert.

Friday morning, we said so long to Dan and Susanne.  It was great getting to know and work with them.  Saturday the team welcomed Max and Anne.

We are looking forward to another great week of work.  The Lord has been gracious to us the whole week.  The fellowship with each other, and the homeowners has been wonderful.  I know it will continue.

Gary and Sharon, Team Leaders