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Baton Rouge Disaster Rebuilding Continues 4-5-19


Week Seven Baton Rouge Disaster Rebuild Report

We said farewell to Randy, Mary, Bruce and Cindy on Friday and had a quiet weekend since Mark and Jo, Joe and Jayne, and Bruce and Susan did not arrive until Sunday afternoon.  With their arrival, our team has grown to 11 people and six rigs.  We had a meeting and snacks on Sunday evening and planned our day for Monday.

Jayne brought her karaoke machine and we had the pleasure of accompaniment for our devotions.  After our praise service, Butch and Cheri, and Joe and Jayne drove to White Castle, LA which is 40 miles West and South of our location.  The homeowner had recently received a new mobile home as her home was lost in the floods of 2016.  She had some rugged temporary steps and our team was charged with building a deck and stairs for her front entrance and also to reconstruct the temporary steps for use at her back door.  It was a 2 day project and at the end, they presented the homeowner with the Bible that all 11 NOMADS had signed.

The rest of the team returned to Baker Dr., finished installing the bedroom doors and added necessary caulk, did some additional drywall finishing, began cleaning floors in preparation for tile, and started rebuilding some artificial ceiling beams. The kitchen cabinets were delivered and we unpacked them and moved them into the kitchen area. Next day, some of the wall cabinets were installed and some plumbing rerouted to allow for the cabinets. We also received a delivery of the vinyl click tile for the whole house and the entire crew jumped in to unload it.  We also were able to start installing the tile at the opposite end of the house from the kitchen and by the end of the week, all cabinets had been installed and floor tile installed in 1 bedroom, the hallway, ¾ of the living room and a portion of the kitchen, and baseboard was added to the rear bedroom.

A crew worked on repairing the plumbing in a mobile home so that bathrooms can be installed to allow for temporary housing for the owners, and due to a rain day, they also dismantled beds in the Ladies Dorm at Francis Asbury to help the LA Conference close up the building.

On Thursday evening, we had our farewell dinner at Golden Corral for Bruce and Susan and Stel and Jodi. Following dinner we celebrated Cheri’s birthday with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, a sweet ending to a productive and fun work week.