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Week 5 in Baton Rouge - Disaster Rebuilding 3-29-19


Week Five Baton Rouge Disaster Rebuild Project Report
The week we said “see ya’ll later” to three couples including Max and Anne, Mark and Lisa and Gary and Nancy.  We were then blessed with the arrival of Bruce and Cindy but that is all so we were a somewhat smaller workforce but a mighty one nonetheless.  We had lunch at the City Café after church on Sunday.

On Sunday night (actually Monday Morning at @ 2:00 AM) a group of high school students and their leaders from a private school in Oregon arrived to help with the recovery efforts here.  They had originally planned on being here the Friday before but their flight was cancelled due to the recent grounding of the airplanes.  Nevertheless, they were out and about working early in the Morning on Monday.  We were blessed to have dinner with them at the church on Monday evening and we had a great time visiting and laughing with them.

As to our work, all 8 of us headed back to Norwich to attempt to complete the drywall finishing project and wrapped up our work there on Tuesday (so we thought).  We also had a crew install kitchen cabinets in a home in Denham Springs.  That was a lot of fun, because the cabinets were bought without the help of measurements or layout plans so it was an exercise in puzzle construction.  Our crew did a wonderful job and the owner was thrilled.  Later our entire group attended the Bible presentation ceremony at his home.  What a blessing.

We also continued work at Baker Drive including drywall finishing, installing crown moulding, priming, etc.  The youth group finished the priming for us on Friday.  That too was a blessing. We also returned to Greenway Drive (where we built the steps last week) to attempt to repair the countertops that had warped before installation and our crew was able to correct that problem so that new countertops may not be necessary.

After a hard week’s work, we gathered around the “grille” fire at the campground and had a delightful cookout.  We also learned that evening that Suzanne will be joining us next week and since our crew was so small this week, that too will be a blessing.

Stel and Jodi