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Disaster Rebuilding in Baton Rouge - Week 4 2019


Week Four Baton Rouge Disaster Relief Project Report

This week we had three couples we had to hug and say “see you down the road”. Dave and Rita, Larry and Jean, and Bob and Anne pulled out on Friday. It’s always hard to see friends leave but we got to welcome Stel and Jodi, Mary and Randy and Butch and Cheri to Baton Rouge. Another great team! We all attended church at Francis Asbury again and then went to Sammy’s Grill for lunch. We also went out to dinner Wednesday to celebrate Mary’s birthday. There is always good food to be found in Baton Rouge.

This week we finally felt we were getting close to having our part of the Norwich Drive house completed. We worked all week on drywall finishing, and completing the shower surround. We had hoped to finish the house before turning over leadership to Stel and Jodi but we didn’t quite make it. Work continued on the Baker Drive house as well. It, too, required a lot of drywall finishing this week. We also installed the new water heater and put up some additional walls, which also needed drywall. Miss Pam’s house is really beginning to come together. She is very anxious to get back in her house. She has been living in a small travel trailer in her drive way for over two years. We also started work on another house. We completed building new six foot wide front porch steps. There is additional work to be done but we are waiting on new counter tops to be ordered. The team will probably return in about 10 days to complete that house.

Thursday evening we turned over the keys and paperwork to our new leaders Stel and Jodi. We wish them and all the people of Baton Rouge well. They will stay in our hearts and prayers while we take a little break before returning as team members to finish out the project.

Max and Anne