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Louisiana Disaster Rebuilding Week 3 2019


Week Three, Baton Rouge LA 2019
Unusual for a disaster rebuild project, we had the same team for two weeks in a row.  We skipped the Sunday night meeting since we all went out to lunch after church, to Freddy’s for frozen custard and then home to rest.  Unfortunately the Louisiana crud was still attacking our team this week and we had more visits to the Urgent Care.  The good news is that as the week drew to a close, everyone seemed to be improving. 
This week we continued finishing the drywall at the Norwich house. Most of the house has two coats of drywall compound and a lot of it has been sanded again. The bathrooms are not yet complete but someone else (not NOMADS) may be completing that portion of the work. The agency is anxious for us to move on to other projects. This week we got to meet the home owner which was a real treat and also got to meet his daughter who was visiting from California.  It was an exciting time for her because she was unaware anyone was working on her Dad’s home. 
Progress continued on the Baker Drive house as well.  Most of the electrical problems have been solved and we hope all the light switches and plugs that were covered with drywall have now been located.  There was more drywall installed and drywall finishing done as well.  The sweet home owner comes over most days for a visit. 
We added a project this week as well.  A gentleman living in a trailer needed better access.  His mobility was impaired and the only way in the house was to climb some wobbly concrete blocks to the front door.  We installed a back porch and the VA is going to attach a metal ramp onto the porch next week.  We also installed a front porch and steps.  With our part of the project there complete, we presented the signed Bible. As we left, the home owner was enjoying sitting outside on his porch and watching the cars go by. 
The team participated in the Ash Wednesday services with our host church, Francis Asbury UMC.  We also spent time with the twenty students from Grand Valley State University in Michigan, who spent their spring break in Baton Rouge helping the victims of the flood.  The students were such a joy and their energy was contagious.  We had a great worship service with them Thursday evening.  Over the weekend some of our team drove over to New Orleans to do some sightseeing and eating, and others did the tourist things in Baton Rouge.  It was a good week.
For pictures and more details see RVingWithaPurpose.com.
Max and Anne Armstrong