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Team Report from Satellite Beach UMC Project


Satellite Beach UMC P-3-19 report!  We want to tell a little about Satellite Beach UMC and the project. The church works with the fire and police departments in Satellite Beach. When those departments go to a home and see they need help, they give Satellite Beach UMC their names and when the Nomads come they work on those homes.
Here is a little story:  NOMADS Gary and Bill were working in the parking lot at the church and a fire truck stopped and told them of a man that could not get his water to shut off. After Gary and Bill got the homeowner's liability release paper to sign and okayed it with us and Frank (our agency contact), they went and fixed his water. The fire department knew they could count on the Nomads. The city wants the Nomads there all the time!! What a testimony!
We worked on 24 homes, they were widows in their 90's or could not afford to pay someone, plus we did lots of work around the church.  Gene and I would like to brag on our team! They were workers that would not slow down. Not only this team but all the teams we have lead and been team members on are workers! We are very proud to be NOMADs! Gene and Mary Ann, team leaders