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Baton Rouge DR Weekly Report Mar 3, 2019


Week Two Baton Rouge, LA 2019
At the end of last week after the team completed the Oakline Drive home and made that Bible presentation, the team picked up another home on Baker Drive in Denham Springs, about 15 minutes from where the RV’s are parked.  It is a trailer that had been gutted and a lot of the drywall installed and some mudding done.  It’s nice that both the houses are pretty close.  No long drives fighting traffic.  This week we had one couple join the team, Lisa and Mark.  They worked here last year and were anxious to return.  It’s great to have them back. 
This week the folks working at Norwich spent the week installing tape and mud on a bajillion drywall seams.  People who had very little experience at the beginning of the week now have lots of experience.  Most of us had never used a banjo installing tape but Larry taught us all how that is done as well.  By the end of the week all the house had one coat of mud and one bedroom had two.  Lots left to be done but a lot accomplished.  At the Baker Drive house, it was a week of lots of sanding drywall of one coat of mud already applied by other volunteers, building headers, and installing more drywall.  It was a busy week there as well.  Unlike the Norwich house, we have met and have pretty routine visits with the homeowner at Baker.  Sweet lady.  The Norwich homeowners are gone to work by the time we arrive and haven’t returned by the time we leave.  We are trying to leave them some notes of encouragement because we can tell they walk through the house after we leave.  We are hoping we may have some notes Monday.
Over the weekend a few of the team members moved the cross in the sanctuary area of Francis Asbury UMC at the request of the pastor.  They have re-oriented the worship area and the large brass cross was in the wrong place.  We also hung a large picture painted by a member of the church to the area where the cross had hung.  The members were appreciative when they arrived for worship today. 
Unfortunately this week, several of the team members are suffering with colds and allergies and one case of pneumonia.  We would appreciate prayers for a return to good health for all our team.  There is a lot of pollen everywhere.  We are hopeful the rain this weekend will clear some of it out of the air.  
Max and Anne, team leaders