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Week One Rebuilding in Baton Rouge Feb 18-21


Week One Baton Rogue, LA 2019- One Bible Presentation
Max and Anne arrived in Baton Rouge Monday afternoon, February 11, to begin getting ready for the opening week of our 2019 Baton Rouge Rebuild project.  On meeting the LA Conference Disaster Team we were told there are approximately 100 clients from the 2016 flooding still needing assistance.  It has now been 2.5 years since the flood and still 100 people need help getting back in their homes or home repairs completed.  The conference currently has 8 families still in mobile housing units – MHUs.  Some are supposed to be out of the MHUs by April 1.  Lots of work left to be done and the agency is very excited to have NOMADS return for 2019.  We were pleased to find the new sewer system had been installed for our use, with the assistance of a NOMADS grant. The team was really excited to see this when they arrived over the weekend. We had 12 NOMADS with us this past week. 
We started week one with two homes assigned to the team.  Gary, Nancy, Anne, Anne and Bob went to the one on Oakline while Max, Janet, Harry, Rita and Dave worked at the home on Norwich.  Jean and Larry were in Baton Rouge doing drop-in work last week and on Monday completed the underpinning and insulation on a trailer with Charles before joining the rest of the team on Norwich.  The family on Oakline were already back in their house.  We installed three doors, repaired some drywall in the kitchen, repaired the kitchen ceiling, installed the range hood, two rooms of base and all the crown mold, as well as touching up paint and installing door knobs.  Thursday we completed the last of the tasks and were able to make a Bible presentation to the family.  It was, as always, a very special time of prayer and celebration. 
The Norwich portion of the team began the week with several very large stacks of drywall (about 100 sheets) in the carport and ended the week with one small stack of drywall and one small stack of green board.  The team came together and worked like they had been hanging drywall for years.  There is a little drywall still to be hung in the bathrooms but we were waiting on the tub and showers.  We were originally tasked with only hanging the drywall, but late in the week finishing was added to our work order.  That will begin next week. 
Thursday morning after devotions, we had someone speak to us about the Mardi Gras season in Baton Rouge.  She shared information on the parades and other festivities of the season offering suggestions on what we might enjoy.  The team has already enjoyed several King Cakes.
Submitted by Max and Anne Armstrong