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Texas Disaster Rebuilding Week of 2-18 to 2-21-19


Disaster Rebuild Project Rio Texas Conference, Port Lavaca, Texas, February 18 – 21, 2019

This past week the whole team continued to work on the house on Santa Rosa Street.  Sharon and Jayne completed the laminate flooring.  With the flooring completed, the team will start installing cabinets in the kitchen and the bath fixtures in the bathroom next week.  A new metal door was installed on the back door.  Jerry and Dave completed the installation of new steps at the back door.  Dave and Gary made some major modifications to the 32” back door frame to allow for the new 36” door to be installed.  Jerry, Dave and Gary completed painting all the walls in the kitchen and bathroom.  On Wednesday and Thursday, Sara did a lot of painting trim, and doing touch up on the walls. 

Next week the team will stain the new cabinets and install them in the kitchen.

We are waiting for soffit material for another house, hopefully it will be in next week so we can finish up another house that we were asked to finish some small task on.

Gary and Sharon Hatcher, team leaders