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Weekly Team Report - Texas Disaster Rebuilding Feb 11-14, 2019


Week of February 11 to 14, Texas DR, Port Lavaca, Texas.

Sharon and I arrived in Port Lavaca on Saturday the 9th.  For those of you that have been to Port Lavaca for a regular three-week project at the First United Methodist Church you would really like the improvement made to the RV parking area.  The church, with help from the Rio-Texas Conference and NOMADS grants, contracted with a local road contractor to improve the parking area with a solid rock base and rock surface.  When the weather allows there are plans to put another small stone surface.

The team that had been in Port Lavaca, Mike & Susan, Dave & Ruth, Sara, and Jerry, were preparing to go to a home that they had just finished for a Bible presentation and dedication.  The family had invited them for dinner on Saturday for the presentation.  Mike told me that they all had a great time with the family.

We started with our team meeting on Sunday afternoon getting to meet the members that had been here for several weeks and meeting new members Joe and Jayne.

Monday, we started work.  The team returned to a house that some of them had been working on already.  Most of the sheet rock had been installed and taped.  Two rooms needed to be finished.  Jerry, Sharon, Ruth, and Susan worked on the sheet rock.  Mike and Dave worked in the bathroom replacing old plumbing pipes with new PEX lines.  Once they finished with the plumbing, they installed the sheet rock on the wall where the shower will go.

Joe, Jayne, and Sara went to another home to do some painting.  They worked there three days painting the ceiling in the kitchen and some of the cabinets.  The bathroom was painted with a mildew killing/preventive material, then a finish coat of paint completed the job.

At the first house, the team had completed a lot of work by the end of the week.  Two rooms were painted, sheet rock completed, three rooms wall were textured, flooring installed in one room, plumbing updated, trim painted, and some electrical repairs completed. 

It was a very productive week.

Today we saw Mike & Susan and Dave and Ruth depart.  David and Sharon will be arriving this weekend.
Gary and Sharon Hatcher, team leaders