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Weekly Team Report-Texas DR Dec 15th


On Monday we sent some of our team to finish the house in Aransas Pass and present the bible and Poinsettia from the team. They finished the project site by painting, replacing siding, and trim work on the house.

The rest of the team went to Copano Cove Rd to work on Ms Linda's house on Monday and were joined there the rest of the week by the team members from Aransas Pass. At Ms. Linda's house we installed insulation, drywall, and started the mudding process.

We welcomed Sam Leeper to our team this week and at the end of the week had to say our Good byes to Jerry, Kevin and Lora as they departed. We thank all three of them for their efforts and work on this project. The weather was not too bad until Thursday afternoon when the winds kicked up over night and all day Friday, but the sun is shining and it is warming up again. 

We have 5 members of our team practicing with the church for the Cantata this Sunday during church.

We have posted a blog about our work with pictures for the week at:

Thank You & God Bless!
Dennis & Nancy Williams