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Lumberton, NC Team Report Dec 1, 2018


Our first week leading in Lumberton was Nov 19. Cindy, Bruce and Jerry were our great team. Cindy and Mary Ann did a lot of running to pick up supplies while Gene and Jerry worked hard getting a bathroom ready for the homeowners for Thanksgiving.  Poor Bruce could not work because of a kidney stone attack. Jerry went home for Thanksgiving,  Mary Ann and Gene went to friends and Cindy and Bruce stayed in Lumberton. 

Our second week was with Cindy and Bruce, Carol and Dave, Anne and Max, Philip, Jerry and Gary and Nancy. It was Gary and Nancy's first Nomad project. They are very excited about doing the Lord's work.  During this week a ceiling was torn out, counter tops were installed, vanities and plumbing were done.  We also painted a porch, built a stand for a cabinet, hung drywall at two different homes and started mudding at the two homes and a lot of running getting materials.
Jerry had to leave Monday afternoon because they put his wife in the hospital.  We are glad to report that she is home now. Praise the Lord!

This has been a wonderful group that loves to work and have fun. Now waiting to see what we accomplish in the next two weeks in Lumberton!!

Gene and Mary Ann