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Odem Team Weekly Report Dec 1, 2018


After eating our way through Thanksgiving most of the team rested on Friday and Saturday, with only a few venturing out shopping for Black Friday. On Sunday we welcomed the new team members Kevin and Lora Denison to the team. They escaped from Kansas City just ahead of the snowstorm that rolled through there. We held a team potluck meeting and then several members participated in a bible study.

Monday found us starting a new house in Rockport that needs some work to finish up what other volunteers had started. Most of the work is in the garage where drywall has been hung and taped. Sara, Lora and Nancy spent the day sanding the mud down and finishing setting screws. Kevin and Dennis installed the attic ladder and then finished hanging the drywall that was needed. Tuesday Jerry and Kevin started to assemble the garage doors for the house with some of the parts missing. Nancy, Sara and Lora starting the mudding process for the garage. On Wednesday the team of Jerry and Kevin completed both of the garage doors. Nancy, Sara and Lora completed the mudding and sanding but have to wait for the first of the week as the high humidity caused the mud not to dry.

Monday in Aransas Pass the team of Gary, Avis, Sue and Jerry completed the demolition on the Kitchen ceiling and the back porch, as needed. They were able to complete hanging most of the drywall on the ceiling of the kitchen. Tuesday the team of Gary, Avis and Sue completed the insulation and hanging drywall for the kitchen and back room. By Wednesday and Thursday they were able to complete most of the taping and mudding but also had the problem of the mud not drying so they could finish it and start the painting. They were able to get some of the quarter round installed on Thursday. This project site should also finish this next week.

Thank You & God Bless!
Dennis & Nancy Williams