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Weekly Report Team Texas DR 11-17-18


Odem DR, week of November 12-15

This week was a busy week.  Since we had a full team from last week stay over, we had no new NOMADS join us this week.  Friday it rained almost the entire day and Saturday we ventured out in the cool and wind to go to the aircraft carrier Lexington which is docked in Corpus Christi.  Dennis and Nancy, Mary and Randy, Kitty and John, and Gene and Carolyn all went and enjoyed about 4 1/2 hours at the ship.  It was very interesting and we all had a good time.  Sunday after church, Kitty, John, Sarah, Nancy, and Dennis went to a nearby town to the Peddler’s Market and did some bargain shopping.  Tuesday Emma and Brad took those who were in Aransas Pass out to lunch and Wednesday the pastor made Italian wedding soup.  Thursday the group at Rockport had lunch made by Mrs. Nguyen and then in the evening we all went out to Dairy Queen to celebrate the week’s work and to say goodbye to the three couples, the Fathbruckners, the Hahns, and the Freemans, who will be leaving at the end of the week.  We were joined by the Nortons who will joint the DR this weekend. 

We had a great busy week!  Aransas Pass:

Emma’s and Brad’s house had the final touches on it and is finished.  Jerry finished installing doors and trim, Kitty, Carolyn, and John finished the floors, Sarah cut boards and did a lot of caulking.  Gene worked on electrical and installed a light in the dining room.  It went pretty well until we turned on the electricity to it.  It was in its blazing glory and would not turn off.  When Brad, the homeowner, installed the ceiling drywall, he may have done something to the wire going to the switch.  They can turn it off by loosening the bulbs.  Then on Tuesday, Gene and John worked on the gas heater that Brad brought from storage.  There was a gas leak around the fitting that the guys took care of.  Gene recommended that it not be used because there was no automatic shut off if the fire went out.  We think they are going to get some electric heaters to replace it.  Kitty did some touch up paint and Sarah and Carolyn sealed the spaces by the light in the dining room.  In the afternoon, Gene and Carolyn installed the ceiling fan in the bedroom.  Brad had purchased the wrong one and had to return it to Lowe’s so we couldn’t work on it until right before lunch.  Gene got it in and then we turned on the electricity.  Nothing happened.  He undid part of the fan so he could get to the electric connections and checked those—still nothing.  Then he realized that the chains were in the off position and he pulled them and we had a working fan and lights!  We all got a good laugh on that one!  So—always check the pull chains before you take down the light!  We gave Emma and Brad the signed Bible.  The house had had a wonderful transformation from what we came into 6 weeks ago.  It now looks like a home. 

Wednesday morning the Hahns and Freemans went over to Mrs. Moreno’s house.  She was working on caulking in one of the outer bedrooms.  We were supposed to install a ceiling heater/light/fan in the bathroom area.  Unfortunately, it was not the correct type of fan and could not be installed in that type of ceiling.  So, we all worked on getting in the baseboards and door trim in the other outer bedroom.  Since the work for the NOMADS at that house is finished, we gave Mrs. Moreno her Bible.

Thursday we went to Mr. Allen’s house to paint the bedroom and work on sanding the drywall in the ceiling and hall.  Mr. Allen is a Viet Nam Vet and very amiable.  All four of us—Randy, Mary, Gene, and Carolyn—did some touch up on the walls and some sanding.  Gene used the shop vac to dry the wet mud spots and then Mary and Carolyn painted the ceilings and walls.  Mr. Allen had hoped to sleep in his bedroom that night, but the walls definitely needed another coat.  Gene and Randy worked on taping, sanding and mudding in the hall and living room.


Mary, Randy, Nancy and Dennis finished up Mrs. Peña’s house.  Mary and Nancy painted one of the bedrooms and also did a lot of cleaning. They mended some scratches on the floor.   Dennis and Randy installed the sink and the faucet.  Dennis also installed OSB in the garage.  Randy worked on the lights and the outlets.  This house was finished on Wednesday and the team gave Mrs. Peña her Bible on Thursday morning.  She and her husband have been living in a trailer in their back yard for over a year.  

Monday afternoon the Williams and Freemans went to the Methodist church in Rockport to check out the possibility of the church putting in hookups for RV’s.  They are getting ready to take the plans before the town board.  The pastor’s son enjoys working with the computer and cad system and will set up the drawings for the NOMADS RV area.  They had a lot of questions for us; hopefully, we gave them all the answers that they need.  If this site could open up, it would make the drive for the NOMADS considerably shorter.  The town of Rockport was hit very hard by Hurricane Harvey.

Wednesday part of the team started working at Mrs. Nguyen’s house, just down the street from Mrs. Peña’s house.  Mrs. Nguyen, a widow,  is an accomplished seamstress and we saw some of her beautiful work.  Jerry took out the toilet in the master bathroom and rebuilt and replaced the subfloor so that the toilet can be set next week.  One of the kitchen cabinets had to be taken down because there was not enough room to install the cabinet above the stove.  Gene, Dennis, and Carolyn put the new one up and then Dennis and Gene replaced the other cabinet.  Dennis and Carolyn switched a couple of cabinets and Kitty and John put in the baseboard and quarter round.  Before any of the baseboard could be installed, John, Kitty, and Carolyn separated all of the different kinds and sizes of trim boards.   We realized that the dog had marked the boards we wanted to put down, so Kitty and Carolyn painted the boards.  Because it was sunny, windy, and not humid, they dried within an hour.  Sarah put the pulls on the drawers in the kitchen.  The counter top arrived and Dennis worked on cutting it to the correct size.  Nancy worked with John cutting and installing trim.  Kitty finished the floor in closet.  

It is amazing how God can work through us to get so much done.  We are grateful for the opportunity to be his hands and feet.  

Carolyn Freeman