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Disaster Rebuilding in NC Week 4 Nov 2, 2018


Max and Anne took over leadership from Gary and Sharon this week.  We also lost team members Bill and Ogie and Larry and Ginger.  Thanks to these hard workers for the work they began in Lumberton.  This week we added team members Bill and Cheryl, Dave and Carol, Mike and Susan and Reid.  We started the week continuing the work on Cheryl’s house and Jackie’s house.  Susan, Reid and Bill spent most of the week completing all but the punch list items at Cheryl’s.  They completed the installation of the flooring, the mudding, sanding and painting of the last wall, some kitchen ceiling work, installed and painted a new ceiling in one of the bedrooms,  and installed a ceiling fan.  Max did the final walk thru with Jeff Tursday afternoon and they identified a couple of small items which will be completed next week.  Since all but some touch up work was complete we decided to go ahead a do the Bible presentation late Thursday afternoon.  This was a treat for us all because most of the team had never participated in this important part of DR work.  Since we had Bill, a retired UMC pastor with us, the team gathered outside Cheryl’s house with her family and Bill led us in the Book of Worship service of blessing the home.  Then we presented Cheryl the Bible which all the NOMADS working the Lumberton DR had signed.  It was a special time for all of us and we left Cheryl with a huge smile on her face. 
Over at Jackie’s home the team continued to make progress this week as well.  Windows were trimmed, baseboard installed, and dry wall repairs made.  All that trim that was installed also had to be primed and painted and caulked.  There is a lot of trim in Jackie’s house!  Jackie comes over several times each week and it’s always a joy to watch her go around the house and notice what has been completed.  She shouts with delight at each item and continues to thank us all.  We also pressure washed the exterior of the house and both the front and back porches.  Once the porches dry out we plan to scrape and paint them.  The layout for the kitchen cabinets was also done, and the cabinets should be delivered next week.
This week Mike, Anne and Max drove to the area of town where NOMADS worked on homes last year.  We were very sad to see that Mary Elizabeth’s home was flooded again by Florence.  There was debris piled along the roads in the neighborhood.  Piles and piles of debris.  So sad to see the destruction strike again.  However, there were signs in yards indicating the ERT teams working with the North Carolina Conference were already at work doing the muck outs.  So wonderful to see God’s people helping His hurting people.  This is what NOMADS Disaster Rebuilding is all about - being His servants in Lumberton.   For more details and pictures check out our blog at www.RvingWithaPurpose.com.

Max and Anne, Team Leaders