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Texas DR Team Report Oct 26, 2018


Last Saturday, 10/19, we welcomed Jerry Brandow to the team.  No one left until we said goodbye to Bob and Linda Webster on Friday, the 26th. We welcomed Randy and Mary Fathbruckner the same day and also got to see the sun for the first time in two weeks!  Today was beautiful and Sara Donaldson, Kitty and John Hahn, and Gene and Carolyn Freeman spent the morning and early afternoon at Padre Island National Seashore, with a lunch stop at Subway.  The weather was beautiful and the surf has calmed down considerably from two weeks ago.  

This week we were busy at Brad and Emma’s house.  The bedroom is done except for a door into the bathroom and the last piece of trim in the bedroom. Jerry worked on the bathroom floor and he, John, and Carolyn worked on the bedroom floor.  Jerry and John put in the closet floor.  Linda finished painting the window sills (in spite of the rain!) and she and Bob put the sills in the bedroom.  They look great.  Bob and Linda also worked on the trim around the closet and helped John with the installation of the bifold door on the closet.  

Adam and Gene shot the texture in the bathroom.  Kitty, Bob, Linda, and Carolyn got the bathroom painted.  It was definitely close quarters in there, but we needed to get the painting done so that the floor could be finished and the toilet set before we left for the weekend. 

John and Jerry got the floor in the hallway finished and they finished up the floor around the toilet area in the hall bathroom.  Kitty and Carolyn got most of the bathroom done the afternoon before.  We all kept Sara busy using the chop saw to cut the boards for the floor.  Adam came over and put the texture in the living room on Thursday.  Gene, Kitty, Linda, and Carolyn painted the living room.  Then we started putting the flooring down in the living room.  It is about half done.  John, Jerry, Gene, and Carolyn worked on this.  We also got Diane, Emma’s sister, to help with the floor on Thursday afternoon.  

Sara and Kitty worked on the third bedroom, fixing some of the wall, getting it ready for texture.  Bob, Linda, Kitty, Sara, and Carolyn worked on finishing the sanding in the dining room and kitchen.  Gene, Kitty, Bob, and Linda also did some final repair on the walls in those rooms.  

We looked at another house that has a little bit of work to finish up that other teams had not been able to finish before they had to leave.  On Wednesday, Gene, Bob, and Linda shot the texture in one of the bedrooms in that house.  Adam told us that up to 30 people stay in the home from time to time.  Although Mrs. Moreno is in poor health, she has a big heart for her family.  

Again on Tuesday we had a cold day.  We all headed to Whattaburger for lunch.  Wednesday we celebrated Linda’s birthday in the morning with Blueberry muffins and then were treated to chicken enchiladas and pineapple upside down cake all made by Emma.  The enchiladas were absolutely amazing!  To finish off Linda’s birthday, we headed to Dairy Queen for dessert that evening.  

All in all an amazing week in God’s kingdom. The need here keeps growing.  Adam, our construction manager, got 6 more homes that need work done. Can’t keep up with the rate of need, but each one helped is one more that has felt the grace of God’s hands.

Carolyn and Gene Freeman, team leaders

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