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Weekly Team Report - Texas DR Oct 20, 2018


Week of Oct 15 - 18, 2018

Welcome to the land of clouds!  We have seen little, if any, of Mr. Sun this week.  Fortunately, we did not get the amount of rain that Houston got.  Monday morning we left the RV’s and it was 83 degrees and super humid.  Within an hour, the temperature dropped around 20 degrees!  We decided that we needed to go out for lunch on Tuesday because a hot meal would be more appreciated!  There is a cafe in Aransas Pass, 5 minutes from the house we are working on.  The food is good, portions are amazing, and the prices are very reasonable.  

Last Thursday, we had our celebration dinner for George Robison who left early Friday morning.  He has let us know how he is doing with all of the rain in Houston.  He lives on Lake Travis which has had a lot of flooding.  On Saturday we all went to Padre Island National Seashore and did some beach cleaning, checked out the visitor center, and then went north to Mustang Island.  We got to see a ship come in the Aransas Pass, headed for the port of Corpus Christi. Then we boarded a ferry, stopped at DQ, and headed on back to the RV’s.  We welcomed Bob and Linda Webster, from Maine, to the project.  Sunday we went to church and then had a pot luck for dinner.

This week’s work has felt like we would get one step forward and then go back a step or two.  Finally on Thursday, we felt like we went forward in a big way.  Monday we  finished prepping the walls in the bedroom,  bath, and hall.  Anne and Carolyn began applying the texture to the bedroom.  It was late before Adam was able to get to the site to give us instructions.  Tuesday the walls of the bathroom and hallway were textured.  Wednesday we primed the walls, and Thursday we put the final coat of paint on.  Anne, Wilma, Sarah, and Carolyn were on this detail.  Thursday afternoon, Wilma, Anne, and Carolyn worked on installing flooring.  We were able to get half of the bedroom done.  The neat think about doing the floor—Diane, Emma’s sister, wanted to help install flooring,  She had fun doing it.

Anne, Carolyn, and Bob worked on finishing up repairs to the ceiling in the second bedroom.  Linda and Bob worked on trimming the windows in two bedrooms and the living room.  There was some work in the living room that needed to be done.  Repairs to the walls were done be Bob, Linda, Sarah, and Dale.  We thought part of one of the walls needed to be cut out, but Sarah discovered that all that it needed was a new mud and tape.  This room still has some more repairs to the ceiling.  Bob and Linda put in the missing insulation and dry wall in the living room.  While this was going on, repairs to the walls in the dining room were being made.  Sarah, Anne, Wilma, Dale, and Carolyn worked on this.  Before the all of the remaining dry wall could be installed, a 2x4 had to be put into the ceiling where there was a blank spot so that dry wall could cover the hole that was there.  Dale replaced a lot of dry wall.  Anne, Wilma, and Carolyn also cut dry wall and installed it.  

The big frustration of the week was had mostly by Dwayne and Gene.  The cabinets have been installed.  One is still missing, and Monday they found out that one of the cabinets would not work in the kitchen because neither the drawer nor the doors could be opened on the corner cabinet and adjacent one .  So the small cabinet had to be taken out.  The guys took it out and then had to regroup for the sink.  The had the sink cabinet installed, but no counter top.  So—they reconnected the utility room sink so they could have water in the kitchen.   Another cabinet was in need of repair, so they got that fixed.  A cabinet would not fit around the gas line.  More materials were needed and that got fixed.  The good news was that the guys could fit the cabinet in and not have to make any cuts.  They did have a counter top that they were able to partially install on Wednesday.  By Thursday, the sink counter top was in the sink is in and connected.  There is still some work on that counter top and need one more counter top.  When Emma saw what had been completed in the kitchen she was almost in tears.  So—we finally saw some progress in the kitchen.  Hopefully it will be completed early next week.  Thursday at lunch, pastor Cliff brought a lady from Corpus Christi, whose church is looking at becoming a NOMADS site in the future, to see what the NOMADS do.  Pastor Cliff is still recovering from a hip replacement from 10/8, so we had to watch him so that he didn’t fall.  

Wednesday evening we had dinner provided by the church and a church member who does historical re-enactments came and told us a lot about the history of this area and Texas in general.  He had an extensive collection of muskets, rifles, and pistols from the late 1700’s-late 1800’s.  Thursday evening we went to the barbecue restaurant and had our celebration meal for the Fullertons and Messmores.  Anne and Dale left early on Friday and Dwayne and Wilma left early on Saturday.  

As we look back at the week, we have been able to accomplish a lot.  We were frustrated at the progress, but it seemed to come together by Thursday.  Emma and Brad are very happy and all of us are very blessed.  

Gene & Carolyn Freeman

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