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Rebuilding in Lumberton - Week 2 Oct 19, 2018


We continued our second week in Lumberton working on the home of Sheryl L.  Sheryl’s home had been damaged by the 2016 flooding.  The team continued to work on the outside of the house by installing new lap siding.  With the arrival of Larry and Ginger the team made short work of getting the new siding installed.  After using gap filling foam and lots of caulk, the team of Larry, Ginger, Ogie, Janette, and Sharon, the whole outside of the house was painted, siding and trim.  Bill, Bruce, and Gary continued to work in the bathroom.  Yeah, that’s a lot of bodies in a small room, but we were able to work around each other and got a lot of work completed.  Bill and Bruce installed the new tub and wall enclosure, and our plumbing lined up with the drain without any problems.  That was great because like I said we aren’t professionals.  After the tub was installed we were able to put up the sheet rock.   Bill did all of the taping and mudding, and it looks great.  He also mixed some of the sheet rock mud with paint and rolled it on the ceiling using a textured roller.  It came out really great.  Next came putting in the commode.  To do that some of the floor covering, vinyl laminate, was put down.  The commode was installed and working properly just as we finished our work day on Thursday.  Bruce and Gary spent a lot of time connecting the water lines to the tub and putting cutoff valves on the lines. 

On Thursday Larry and Gary went to another home to repair a storage room on the back. One wall was damaged along the bottom where water had really rotted the wood.  We were able to cut out about four feet up from the floor removing wall and studs.  We were able to replace some the bad studs and the bad wall boards.  We will replace the vinyl siding next week.  A new door will also be installed next week.  We also replaced a wall plug receptacle that was not very safe.  That was done before we could use any power tools.

Chestnut Street UMC hosted many of the volunteers for a hamburger and hotdog dinner on Sunday afternoon.  There were several different volunteer groups represented.  It is great to meet and talk with others that are doing God’s work.  Then on Thursday night, Jeff, the construction coordinator provided homemade Brunswick stew for another large group of volunteers.  He sure did a good job.  Everybody had seconds and thirds of stew. 

We lost Bruce and Janette this week.  We are really going to miss them. They will be replaced by Max and Anne.
Please continue to pray for our teams as we continue to work here in Lumberton.

Gary and Sharon Hatcher, team leaders