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Weekly Report from Baton Rouge May 11, 2018


Baton Rouge DR Weekly Report May 7-10, 2018

Week 9 of Baton Rouge DR started with the return of Max and Anne; and Mark and Lisa.  The team will be pushing hard to get Richard and Sandy’s home completed in our last two weeks here.

Monday bedroom 1 was ready for paint and part of the team started painting ceilings in the bedroom, bath, and walk-in closet.  As will happen, the extra moisture from the paint caused one seam of ceiling tape to pull and some minor repair was needed.  The remainder of the crew focused on sanding the walls and ceilings of bedroom 2, bath, and closet. Late in the afternoon Max and Dave were able to start laying the floor underlayment in bedroom 1.

Tuesday several of the team were busy applying a second coat of mud to the ceiling and walls of bedroom 2, bath, and large closet.  Others completed laying the luan, installed the sink cabinet and completed painting the bathroom in the east bedroom / bath. A palette of flooring was delivered today.  No weight lifting at a gym is needed when NOMADS get to exercise muscles unloading about 30 boxes of vinyl laminate!

Wednesday we assessed all the work needed to get the ceiling and walls of the west bedroom complex finished.  After talking with the homeowner, we decided to texture the ceiling and walls.  After some light sanding Stel, Anne, and Mark then applied a sweep trowel texture method to the ceilings of the bedroom, bath, and closet, and a light rolled texture to the walls of the bathroom.  The remaining members of the team completed painting of the master bedroom, and installation of the sink and shelf in the master bathroom and started installation of light fixtures and smoke detectors.

The FEMA case worker visited today to assess the process and hopefully approve extension on Richard’s FEMA trailer lease for a few more weeks.  Once the NOMADS complete our work, the home will still need the plumbing and gas lines run and connected from the main street feeds.

Lisa also made a trip to Alexandria to meet her son and pick up three used window AC units they had siting inside the garage and decided to donate to the homeowner.  She returned with them in time to be installed.  They will help keep the team cool as we finish our work here, and Richard was overwhelmed at their generosity.  Purchase of AC was not something the family could afford at this time.

Thursday the team was able to wrap up the week by completing the texture application to the walls in the second bedroom and closet, and application of kilz to the ceilings in the west section.  The east bedroom closet was given a final coat of paint along with the living room, and the first coat of paint was applied to the kitchen.  Max and Dave continued to work installing electrical outlets, laying some floor leveler at room transitions in preparation for the floor installation next week, and reinstalling some of the trim on the wainscoting in the living area.

With four days left to work on this project we are hopeful to get all of our tasks completed. Hopefully the LA disaster staff can get the tub plumbing completed for bathroom #2 the beginning of next week so we can install the final section of drywall before we leave.

We are also happy to have two additional team members coming this weekend for our final week.
Dave and Carol Hill, team leaders