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Baton Rouge Rebuilding May 6, 2018


Baton Rouge DR Weekly Report 4/30 - 5/3/2018
Friday morning 04/27 started with staying goodbye to Hilary and Mike, as well as Paula and Ken.  These were new NOMADS with Baton Rouge being their first project.  We hope to see them on future projects.  Gene and Carolyn also departed this morning.  Thanks to both of you for your great leadership the past several weeks.

With smaller teams scheduled the last three weeks of the Spring DR project here, Stel, Carol and Dave decided to return to Ren and Janice’s home to complete the grouting of tile in the kitchen and living/dining area so that we could focus the team on Richard and Sandy’s home next week. At the end of the day we were very pleased to have this large job (approx. 1200 sq. ft.) completed. Plans were made for their bible presentation on Monday after work.

The team greeted new NOMADS Mike and Lee Patrick on Sunday afternoon.  Jodi joined us for the first time since her hospitalization for our supper and team meeting. It’s so good to see her up and about.

Monday 04/30 the team of 6 returned to Richard’s house.  Suzanne and Lee finished the soffit on the back of the house and completed the caulk and paint touch up.  We all celebrated the completion of the house’s outside, and how wonderful it looks.  It’s amazing what NOMADS can accomplish, including a 2-room addition without benefit of blueprints or plans. Carol and Mike completed sanding of bedroom #1 and moving to bedroom #2. Carol taught Mike the technique of mudding drywall doing some mud touch-up in bedroom 1.  Then they taped the walls and ceiling of the closet, most of the second bedroom and started mudding. Stel and Dave reframed the second bathroom tub wall so that the drain would be clear of the floor joist and did some final sanding of the ceiling in bedroom 1.

Monday evening Ren and his mother Janice came over to the church where we are staying and we presented them with their bible and a hanging plant for Jan. Flowers are one of the things she has missed most since the floods.

Tuesday the temps started really warming up here and all were finding creative ways to keep cool.  Suzanne worked in bathroom #1 prepping for a special wall and ceiling technique she wanted to try.  Lee, Mike, and Carol worked on the first coat of mud on bedroom #2 and the large walk in closet.  Stel and Dave installed the bathtub and drain system.  It was a tight fit and adjustments were required along with some assistance from other team members to get it into place.
Wednesday, Carol was under the weather with a migraine and didn’t work.  Everyone else started by cleaning away some of the tools and supplies no longer needed.  Then Stel and Dave re-hung the drywall in the second bathroom, and Stel finished mudding the ceiling of bedroom 2 and completed mud touch up in bedroom 1. Suzanne completed prep of bathroom #1 and then did a sweep texture technique on the ceilings of both the bathroom and closet of bedroom 1, as well as textured the walls in both rooms with Mike, saving us a lot of sanding time.  Lee mudded the closet in bedroom #2, then helped Mike apply Kilz to the walls in bedroom #1 and Mike kilzed the patches in the main living area.

Dave and Stel attempted to install the tub surround, which unfortunately didn’t fit the old tub.

Thursday Suzanne finished texturing the master bath then she removed the chair rail from the living/dining room and Dave cut some wainscoting to fit beside the doors. Suzanne reattached the wainscoting to the wall where needed. Suzanne started cut-in painting the living/dining area.  Dave and Lee Kilzed the master bath, closet and textured ceilings. Lee helped Suzanne painting in the living area.  Stel taped and mudded the 2nd bathroom.  Mike and Carol taped and mudded the ceiling seams of bedroom 2 and started sanding bedroom 2 and the closet.  Carol and Stel filled ceiling gaps in the closet with hot mud that Dave mixed, then taped/mudded the ceiling joint on one side. A very productive week by this smaller team.

Friday morning, we said good by to Suzanne, Mike and Lee.  We are looking forward to the return of Max and Anne and Mike and Lisa this weekend to work our last two weeks here this spring. 

Dave and Carol, team leaders