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Disaster Rebuilding Continues in Hattiesburg - May 6, 2018


Hattiesburg Mississippi Disaster Rebuild week of April 30 to May 3. 
On Monday morning the team, Gene, Mary Ann, Butch, Cheri, Stephen, Nula, Gary, and Sharon, started a new work project at Mary’s house on Newman.  The project started with removing the old kitchen flooring down to the sub-floor and removing the base cabinets and sink.  Much of the sub-floor had been damaged by water and had to be removed. 
The siding repair work that Nula, Butch, and Stephen had completed the week before needing painting.  Some of the material used was a Masonite siding material with just a primer coat of paint.  Mary Ann and Stephen went back to the house to put a finish coat of paint on the siding and completed that by lunch. 

After lunch, the team, completed the repair to the subfloor at Mary’s house and started putting down plywood in preparation of the new flooring.

On Tuesday, we were given a new build house to complete along with the work at Mary’s.  Gene and Butch returned to Mary’s to continue work there.  UMCOR had adopted Mary’s house for repairs.  It was decided to not only repair the kitchen floor, but to repair two bathrooms that were in very poor condition.  Work was started on these floors.
Stephen, Nula, Mary Ann, Cheri, Gary, and Sharon went to the new house on Putnam street to start work on installing sheet rock.  Most of the ceiling had been installed with only the hall way and a laundry room not completed.  Only one bedroom had sheetrock installed on the walls. 

At lunch time the team went to Brother Bill’s house to present him with a Bible.  The Bible had been signed by all team members, both previous and current.  We had gotten to know Brother Bill during the completion of his home and wanted to do something special, so we had lunch at his place.  We had pizza.  Plenty of pizza for all, leaving Brother Bill some left overs for later.

After lunch we all returned to the house on Putnam to work.  Butch, Gene, and Cheri worked on installing sheet rock on the ceiling while the rest of us continued hanging it on the walls.

On Wednesday the team returned to the house on Putnam to continue installing sheetrock.  It was a short morning of work.  We left the work site at 10 am.  The team had been invited to a seminar on how to make a home more energy efficient.  The first half of the class was mostly about newer and better heating and air conditioning systems and how the duct work should be insulated.  Lunch was provided for all.  After lunch the class was how to seal up a home to make it better insulated to prevent the loss of heated or cooled air from inside the home.  The emphasis was placed on sealing around all plug receptacles, switched boxes, light fixtures, windows, heating vents, and anywhere else air could enter or escape the home.  Teams will be doing this at new builds.

Late in the afternoon the team returned to Putnam street to continue work.

Thursday was another busy day at both Mary’s house and on Putnam street.  Chris, the volunteer coordinator from our hosting agency had invited Sharon and me to a meeting with the committee that decides on what home will get assistance in rebuilding.  It was a very informative meeting on how people apply, are interviewed by case workers, homes inspected by the construction coordinators, estimates for materials and labor, and when the work can be done.  One of the voting members on the committee could not make the meeting, so I was asked to fill in.  Being part of that process was great.  Five homes were approved for repairs and one complete new rebuild.

Thursday saw most of the team returning to Putnam to continue with installing sheetrock.  Gene and Butch returned to Mary’s to remove the commodes and old flooring from the bathrooms and to start installing the new flooring in the kitchen.

We had a very productive week, finishing with dinner at Appleby’s. 

Gary and Sharon, team leaders