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Team Hattiesburg Weekly Report 4-28-18


This past week in Hattiesburg was a busy one.  First, Nula joined our team on Saturday.

On Monday we returned to Brother Bill’s house and finished installing the living room hardwood flooring.  After the installation was completed, Gene and Gary, using small hand-held power sanders, sanded the floor to remove markings from shipping and to smooth out a few rough areas.  Sharon worked on the door threshholds between the kitchen and living room, and the dining room and living room.  The flooring in the kitchen and dining room had to be extended to the center of the doors.  This allowed the step-down strip to be under the doors.  Mary Ann finished up the bathroom grout and installed the base board and quarter round.  The last thing that was done was Gene wiping the hardwood floor with a damp cloth to remove the dust, and after drying, Mary Ann applied the stain.

Cheri, Nula, Butch, and Stephen returned to the house on Claiborne street, Miss Sheena’s.  Cheri and Nula worked on completing the closet that was being built around the hot water heater.  The hot water heater was moved to the back porch from a shed in the back yard.  Butch and Stephen finished installed metal trim over the wood trim on the house.  They had started installing vinyl siding on the house the week before but ran out of material.  The materials were waiting on Monday, so they were able to work on the rest of the house.  With some painting and the siding installed the house was completed on Tuesday.  It looks great.

Then on Tuesday, Sharon, Mary Ann, Gene, and Gary returned to Brother Bill’s.  They started cleaning up the house to get it ready for the finishing work.  The base board in the living room was cut to fit, but not installed.  Gene and Gary went with Daryl, the construction coordinator, to look at a couple of other homes that were being given to us to work on.  One of the houses we would return to work on.  The other one was not accepted by Daryl for work that was requested.  Apparently, the damage had not been caused by the tornadoes.

After lunch on Tuesday, while Sharon, Gene, and Gary continued with finishing a few small projects, Mary Ann applied the first coat of polyurethane.  When the poly was applied we couldn’t do much more, so we headed over to Sheena’s house to see how the team was doing on the siding.  They were cleaning up the work there.

Wednesday, Nula and Stephen went to one of the houses Daryl had taken us to earlier in the week.  Another team of volunteers had completed working on this house, but while working on the outside they had broken some water lines.  During the repair of the water lines some of the siding on the house had been damaged.  Nula and Stephen, and later Butch, removed the damaged siding and installed new siding in it’s place.  They were able to complete that work in one day.

The rest of the team returned to Brother Bill’s.  Lot’s of touch up painting, cleaning floors, and moving things out of the house, and completing the living room floor.  Butch started out at Brother Bill’s to complete some plumbing.  The plumbing fixtures in the bathtub were installed, that completed all work in there.  Butch also replaced part of the kitchen faucet that was leaking, then he went over to help Nula and Stephen.

After lunch, Gene sanded the living room floor prior to the second application of poly.  The floor was wiped down to remove any residue that remained, then Mary Ann applied the second coat of poly.  That completed the day.

On Thursday, all the team returned to Brother Bill’s with the goal of completing all work there.  The living room floor looks great.  After laying down some paper on the floor, the base board that had been previously cut, was installed.  The quarter round was then cut and installed.  Door facings were also installed on the doors in the living room.  A new threshold was installed at the entrance door to the front of the house.  Metal door threshold strips were installed at the two bathroom doors, one in the hallway, the other in the master bedroom.  Wooden stepdown strips were installed in the kitchen and dining room doors going into the living room.  After going through the house completing some touch up paint work and the application of a lot of caulking, the house was completed.  Brother Bill, with the help of the team, started moving some furniture back into his home.

The team left early to go to the houses on Chestnut and Claiborne for the presentation of the Bibles.  We met Mr. Eddie at the Chestnut house for the first time.  He has been staying with a family member for a while.  Due to some health issues, his doctor advised that he not live alone until his health was better.  After a brief time getting to know Mr. Eddie we presented him with the Bible signed by all the team members that have been on the job.  He was very appreciative and looking forward to when he can move back into his home.

We then walked around the corner to Miss Sheena’s house.  Her house, after the painting, metal trim, and siding, looks like a new one.  Cheri had spent some time getting to know Sheena, so she was given the privilege to present the Bible.  It was great to see another home completed.

The team is planning a lunch at Brother Bill’s on Tuesday to present the Bible, signed by all team members from previous teams, and the current team.

What wonderful work our Lord has given to us to do.  Without His help, none of it would have been completed in a timely and safe way.

Next week already has us busy with new work.

Gary and Sharon, Team Leaders