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Baton Rouge Weekly Report 4-27-18


Saturday we welcomed Dave and Carol.  They will take over the leadership for next week’s team.  After their arrival we planned to go downtown to the USS Kidd, but a Tom Hanks movie is being filmed so it was closed. So—we decided to go to the state capitol building.  It is a very tall building (30+ stories) and we were only allowed to go to the observation floor because the first floor was closed for shooting a scene for the Tom Hanks movie!  We enjoyed the afternoon and went out to Rice and Roux with the Hills at dinner time. Sunday we welcomed new NOMADS Ken and Paula and Mike and Hilary. Our Sunday evening get together was fun and we all got to meet and greet each other. 

On Monday our team accomplished a lot. At Mr. Richard’s house Mike, Hilary, and Ken began to mud and tape the ceiling and walls in bedroom one. Dave hung drywall in bedroom two.  Paula, Susanne, Hilary, and Linda worked on the outside of the building. The scaffolding was moved and most of the south side of bedroom two is done.  At Miss Janice’s house, Carol and Carolyn cleaned out the cement glue from between the tiles in the living room and then began tiling the last part of the entry way/dining room. Stel got most of the second bathroom done and the master bedroom closet and most of the way to the door of the room. Gene mixed up the thin set to put under the tiles, cut some tiles, and brought materials to everyone. Bob was kept busy cutting tiles and bringing boxes of tiles in while Gene was busy mixing up the thin set.  Gene helped us with setting some of the tiles in the entry way.  Ren helped with cleaning out the thin set between tiles, too.  

Tuesday Hilary wanted to join us tiling.  She helped Carol tile some of the dining area and she also learned to mix grout, grout the tiles, use the tile saw, and mix the thin set.  She and Carol finished most of the grout in the middle bedroom and Carol grouted the master bedroom closet too. Carolyn helped mix thin set, cleaned out tiles in various places in the house, and ran water buckets for the grouters. Stel finished the master bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the dining area. Some of the areas had just a few tiles to set, but she set the LAST ONE!!!!  We were so glad to have all of the tiles in place and celebrated when this occurred. Gene mixed up thin set, filled water buckets, unladed grout, cleaned up a lot of tools/equipment, and took over cutting tile after lunch. Bob was with us in the morning and cut some tile, and then went out to Richard’s house at lunch time. The first coat of mud was sanded by the whole team up at Mr. Richard’s—Suzanne, Paula, Linda, Ken, Mike, and Dave. Mike continued to apply the second coat and finished the taping in the first bedroom, closet, and bathroom.  Bob worked on the window trim in the afternoon.  Ken, Paula, and Dave worked on sheet rock in bedroom two. The two closets and ceiling are complete. The siding on the south wall is finished, as well as the fascia and soffit.  The caulking is done, too.  

Wednesday we got most of the tile cleaned out and ready for grouting.  Gene and Ren worked on the living room/entry way/dining area.  Carolyn worked on the second closet and second bathroom.  Stel joined her to finish the master bedroom.  Carol and Hilary finished grouting and cleaning the middle bedroom and have about 2/3 of the first bedroom grouted.  Stel grouted the master bathroom and started on the master bedroom.  Carolyn joined her and 40% of the master bedroom is grouted.  Ren finished cleaning the tile in the kitchen and Gene ran the water buckets in the afternoon.  At Mr. Richard’s house the first bedroom now has its second coat of mud thanks to Michael and Ken.  The second bedroom needs a little bit more sheetrock to have it all in place.  Dave and Bob did the sheet rock work.   Paula and Ken began prepping the living room wall for painting and Paula, Linda, and Suzanne have been able to get the siding up on the west side of the house. They also installed the fascia on that side of the house.  Ren brought jambalaya for our dinner and we furnished sides and desserts.  It was a great evening and the jambalaya was great!

Thursday is our last day in Baton Rouge.  We went up to Mr. Richard’s house and said good-bye to him and got some pictures of the team working.  Bob and Dave had to undo some of the drywall (purple board) in the one side of the closet to get it ready for a bathtub.  The opening is 60” and that is the length of the bathtub.  Ken and Mike sanded the second coat of drywall.  Then they joined the ladies—Linda,  Paula, and Suzanne—in getting the siding finished on the back of the house.  The soffit has been installed on the south side of the house and the caulking and repainting is done there.  They got all of the siding up on the back of the house and had a few extra boards to spare!  The fascia is up ready for the soffit.  Meanwhile at Miss Janice’s house Linda helped in the morning before she went up to Mr. Richard’s house.  She helped clean floors and deliver water buckets for cleaning the grout.  Stel, Carol, Hilary, and Carolyn worked on grouting the floors.  Gene and Ren ran water and got us what we needed.  Stel also took out a tile that did not set correctly and Gene put it in.  They finished grouting in the master bedroom, the last closet, and second bathroom.  Part of the hallway/dining area/entryway and about 2/3 of the living room are finished.  The kitchen is the only area not started.  Tonight we celebrated our week’s work with pizza.  Ken and Paula, Mike and Hilary, Bob and LInda, and Gene and Carolyn will be leaving and new NOMADS will be coming in to help the remaining team.  

Gene and Carolyn, Team Leaders

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