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Hattiesburg, MS Team Report 4-20-18


Hattiesburg, Mississippi Disaster Rebuild project April 16th to April 19th.

This past week we saw Dennis and Nancy, and Larry and Mary depart.  Gary and Sharon assumed the lead from Dennis and Nancy.  The rest of the team Gene and Mary Ann, Butch and Cheri, and Stephen, stayed also for the next few weeks.

At Bill’s house this week, the team completed the quarter round in the three bedrooms and the hallway, finished painting the new front door and other trim work, and installed ceramic tile in the bathroom around the bath tub.  The ceramic tile set for a couple of days to allow the mastic to set, then grouted until grout ran out.  New wood flooring was installed in the living room.  There are still a few things left to complete this house, but Bill should be able to start moving back in this next week.

The team also worked on two others houses that were given to us.  One of the homes had an underpinning installed along one side where it had been blown off by the storms.  The front of the house, the front porch railing and porch ceiling, the back gable peak, and side gable peak were painted.  That completed our assigned work there. 

At the other house we were assigned to install metal on all the wood trim on the house.  The team also built a small closet on the back porch to enclose the hot water heater that had been moved there from a storage shed.  Broken siding on a peak was removed and new vinyl siding was installed.  An addition on the back of the house that had a room added needed painting.  It was decided to install vinyl siding on that also.  The team ran out of materials on Thursday, so it will be completed on Monday.  Ceilings in two bedrooms were also painted.  One of the rooms was still being used, so that created some challenges.
Gary and Sharon