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Weekly News from Baton Rouge 4-20-18


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We were blessed to have Stel and Jodi stay an extra week with us.  For about 1 1/2 hours, Saturday morning found 7 adults and 6 dogs in the church waiting out the tornado watch.  The dogs did pretty well—so did we!  No tornado hit this area.  It continued to rain off and on the rest of the day and Sunday was on the cool side.

We had another busy week!  Monday started with Bob and Dan working on the drywall in bedroom one—almost finished!  Gene, Carolyn, and Stel finished the insulation in bedroom two and one piece of drywall was hanging on the ceiling before we left.  Jodi, Suzanne, Susanne, and Linda worked on the south side of bedroom one.  They finished putting the siding on it and got the fascia up.  Part of the soffit was also put up.  Mr. Richard brought over his daughter and granddaughter to see the progress.  We also met Charlie Brown, their dog. 

Unfortunately, Jodi wasn’t feeling well and Stel took her to the ER Monday around noon.  Tuesday afternoon, Jodi had abdominal surgery and has been in the hospital the rest of the week.  Thankfully, she is doing well.  

Tuesday we met another home owner, Janice and her son Ren.  He is caring for Miss Janice and is working on fixing her home.  A team from California started the ceramic floor and we are working from where they left off.  We started on the living room and worked on one of the bedrooms that the other team started.  Linda, Bob, Gene, and Carolyn worked on this in the morning and Susanne and Dan joined us in the afternoon.  In the morning, Susanne, Dan, and Suzanne worked out at Mr. Richard’s house and worked on finishing the soffit.

Wednesday the crew at Mr. Richard’s house—Susanne, Suzanne, Linda, and Dan worked on putting up the ceiling in the second bedroom and also put the final touches on the siding job on the first bedroom. The last of the sheetrock has been installed in the first bedroom.  The beginnings of the siding on bedroom two have appeared.  At Miss Janice’s house, we finished one of the bedroom floors and got a lot of the living room floor finished.  One closet is about 3/4 done, and the kitchen floor has been started.  Bob, Stel, Gene, and Carolyn worked on this.  Mr. Ren is also helping us with the tiling.  

Thursday the second bedroom in Mr. Richard’s house now has a completed ceiling.  Part of the closet has dry wall on two of the walls.  Dan and Susanne did the dry wall job. Suzanne, Susanne, and Linda worked on the outside of bedroom two and have 4-5 rows of siding on all three sides and also the windows trimmed.  The tiling crew finished the living room area and a closet.  The kitchen is almost finished, and Stel tiled one of the bathrooms and worked on the master bedroom. Bob and Gene cut tile, mixed grout, and bought Stel and Carolyn what they needed to get the tiling done for the day.

We have had a very successful week and have been blessed to be able to talk with the homeowners.  As we work next to Ren, he has told us about his challenges with his mom and about how the flood has changed his life.  He has quit his job to care for her and to help rebuild her home.  Mr. Richard has told us about his wife’s illness and about a busy lifestyle that they had a few years ago.  

Gene & Carolyn Freeman