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More News from Baton Rouge DR 4-13-18


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The homeowners of the house where we are working are an older couple who both have disabilities.  His wife is dealing with a lot of pain.  They have both come to see us at the house, located in front of his FEMA trailer.  His original house was severely damaged in the flood and was taken down.   Mr. Richard has come to the house every day and greets us in the morning when we arrive.  He is a very happy person and enjoys seeing the progress on his house.  The house is a construction trailer he purchased, where the living room, dining area, and kitchen will be.  There are two additions, one on each end, which will be bedrooms and a bathroom.  

Monday was a busy day.  Ron, Gene, and Bob finished the roof on the second bedroom.  Dan, Stel, Susanne, and Carolyn assisted in this operation by getting the metal roof up the ramp to the top, trimming and marking the roofing for the placement of the screws. We also worked inside the second bedroom to get the metal placed correctly under the roof on another part of the home. Those who who are working on the siding—Jodi, Mary, Suzanne, and Linda—finished the fascia and soffit on the north side of the first bedroom, painted and caulked where needed; and also with the help of some of the guys, got the scaffolding moved.  Susanne and Carolyn worked on the insulation in the first bedroom.  Stel worked on the electricity in the second bedroom and she, Bob, and Dan worked on finishing the framing of the closet in the second bedroom.  The holes for the windows in bedroom two were also cut out and the last piece of wood was screwed in place so that the sheeting was finished. 

On Tuesday we made a lot of progress.  The siding crew started working on the east side of bedroom one and have one more piece of siding to put up.   They also trimmed out a window on bedroom one.  Gene, Dan, and Ron installed the two windows in bedroom two, as well as putting the outer wrap on the sheeting of that room.    Bob and Stel now have bedroom two wired and the inspector has been called so we can proceed with that room.  They also worked on the wiring in bedroom one.  Susanne and Carolyn finished the insulation in bedroom one and cleaned up that room and the room where the living room will be.  They also painted some of the siding that will be used on bedroom two.  Dan, Ron, and Gene installed two pieces of sheet rock on the ceiling.  The highlight of the day was when Mr. Richard came into where his living room will be and put on a CD from a band he had been a member of.  He and Jodi danced for about 5 or 10 minutes. It was really sweet.  

Wednesday saw the completion of the sheetrock on the ceiling in bedroom 1.  More boards were painted and the last board was placed on the east side.  The fascia and some of the soffit has been installed there.   Stel and Bob worked on the electric most of the day.  Bob found a live wire that wasn’t supposed to be—an electrifying experience.   The electric and framing passed inspection.  Now the fun will be to find the way to put in another hard wired smoke detector! Gene put in the foam between the old roof and the new roof to keep unwanted critters out.  The closet in bedroom two has 3 bats of insulation.  

On Thursday Linda and Carolyn finished painting the siding boards.  The siding crew—Suzanne, Susanne, Mary, Linda, and Jodi—finished the east side (painting and caulking) and has put up a few boards on the south side of bedroom 1 after the scaffolding was moved.  Stel and Bob worked more on the electric and have that almost done.  To put in the smoke alarm, they were able to get access into the ceiling and not have to take down a wall in the living room.  Most of the walls in bedroom two have insulation, as well as  a little of the ceiling.  Stel, Mary, Gene, and Carolyn worked on this job.  Ron and Dan worked all day putting up drywall in bedroom one and have been able to get a good start on this. 

We will say goodbye on Friday morning to Ron and Mary as they begin making their way back home to Michigan.  
Gene & Carolyn