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Weekly Team Report from Hattiesburg April 8, 2018


We finished the fifth week of work here in Hattiesburg, Mississippi for the spring 2018 period. We had a team of 9 Nomads this week and are still working on the 3 homes assigned to us. At the Rebecca street home we completed the bedrooms and the computer room on Monday. Tuesday morning the team of Butch and Gene started the tear out of the living room ceiling, once it was down we could see problems from the water as the support above had pushed down. The consultation with our local contact has decided that a suspended ceiling will be installed as soon as supplies show up.

At the Griffith street house Gene and Mary Ann installed the kitchen and dining room floors, then installed much of the trim needed in the rest of the house. The back deck was stained by Nancy and Cheri, Butch completed the installation on all of the doors and then started the repair of the decorative wall at the front door. Dennis worked on the drywall in the bath room and the installation of the hardiboard. We are still waiting on the flooring for the living room to arrive.

At Grays Crossroad Larry and Steve got much of the fascia/soffit repaired and then installed aluminum wrap on a large part of the fascia. Ginger worked at scraping/painting the front of the house.

On Friday morning we said goodbye to Ginger and Larry who headed home to Michigan. Friday afternoon we welcomed Gary and Sharon, and then Randy and Mary to the project giving us a team of 11 Nomads for the work this week.

We have posted a blog about our work for the week at:


Thank You & God Bless!
Dennis and Nancy