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Agencies Respond Positively to NOMADS


Our period 6 agency partners had lots of great comments about their teams:

"They were all great. Willing to do any project needed. Worked hard and accomplished much."

"The whole group was great, good attitudes and enjoyed working together and planning to get together for different excursions."

"EXCELLENT! They did great work, a quality job. They participated within our lives and the project."

"I have nothing but praise for the Nomads who came this period and their work. They were responsible, clean, and had wonderful attitudes even as we had to adjust with the weather changing day to day and thus changing projects. They are such a blessing to our site this year as they enabled a number of preparations for campers to get done that we have a hard time finishing before camp starts. It was a wonderful 3 weeks!"

"Outstanding! The team pulled together grandly and came through with superb service in the name of Jesus. Superb team leaders who often went beyond the call of duty to insure that the projects would be completed. Others were quite versatile and helpful, willing to aid wherever needed.  And others really rounded out the team, bringing fresh energy and technical know-how. A great team! Significant progress and help for our church.  We are grateful to the fine spirit and work of the Nomads!"