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Period 4 Host Agency Comments about their Teams


"Excellent. Every facet of the session went really well. The group was eager, willing and able to do anything we asked. The amount of work accomplished was amazing. As with previous groups, the best attribute was the people and their attitudes. Everyone was always eager to do whatever was asked and it made for a smooth operation."

"They performed their work at a professional level. They organized themselves as to who was best suited to each task, and worked very well together."

"Our church was blessed to have all the hardworking, knowledgeable and professional workers do our projects. All work was completed in the time allotted, in spite of the many interruptions, and all areas were cleaned nightly. This team was a perfect fit for our church and are welcome to return anytime!"

"Outstanding teamwork. All members did excellent repairs on many challenging projects. They had the knowledge and skills we needed to accomplish the needed repairs."

"Great work team - worked well together - needed little/no supervision."

"Our group of NOMADS were wonderful. They worked hard, never complained (even though the weather was HOT), and lifted our spirits whenever we would stop by to see how things were going and if they needed anything. We were very appreciative of their initiative. They invited everyone on the campus to attend their morning Bible Studies. They had such great attitudes and they worked very hard. I kept their contact information so that I can keep in touch and so that I could send them pictures of the finished results once it's complete. I would love to invite them out again!"

"They were absolutely amazing!!!! Two are signed up to join us next year and we cannot wait to work with them again!"

"All members of the team participated whole-heartedly in the work. The work that was done was impeccable and the positive attitudes of the team members were a blessing. The prayerful approach to work was a wonderful example for the members of our church who were privileged to be around them."