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Travel Safely, NOMADS

Our period 2 teams have finished and period 3 begins Monday, so our teams will be on the road today and this weekend, travelling home or to their next project.  Please pray that all arrive safely, as they serve doing our Lord's work.  

Apply Now for a Project Next Winter

For our NOMADS hosting agencies who have NOMADS projects, or for other United Methodist churches and organizations who would LIKE to have a NOMADS project, now is the time to apply for a winter project next year.   Please contact director@nomadsumc.org if you need assistance.  

Midwest Mission Distribution Center article on NOMADS

Check out the September 2015 newsletter from MMDC, with a page 2 article on their recent NOMADS: http://www.midwestmissiondc.net/news2015/S15c.pdf

Planning to have a NOMADS project in early 2016?

If you are a United Methodist church or UM Agency partner with NOMADS, and you're interested in having a NOMADS project soon, we plan WELL AHEAD when scheduling our projects.  So if the first 6 months of 2016 is a time you'd like to request a team, NOW would be the time to log in and click on "Apply for a 3-week project".  Our scheduling is first-come, first-served, and in your state, some periods may already be FULL. If you've had NOMADS projects recently, you should have a login set up, so ...

Pray for Safe Travels for NOMADS Teams

Our teams will be travelling to period 9 projects this weekend, so please pray that our Lord watches out for all our mission volunteers.

Chicopee UMC Team Report

Check out the fine work and fun had by the Chicopee UMC team, in Walhalla, SC this Spring. /files/pagefiles/www/chicopee+project+report+2015.pdf

Agencies Respond Positively to NOMADS

Our period 6 agency partners had lots of great comments about their teams: "They were all great. Willing to do any project needed. Worked hard and accomplished much." "The whole group was great, good attitudes and enjoyed working together and planning to get together for different excursions." "EXCELLENT! They did great work, a quality job. They participated within our lives and the project." "I have nothing but praise for the Nomads who came this period and their work. They were ...

Southern Sentinel Article on NOMADS in Ripley, MS

Click on the link below to the online article about the team period 6 of 2015 at First UMC in Ripley, Mississippi. http://southern-sentinel.com/2015/05/07/nomads-help-with-special-project-in-ripley/

Period 4 Host Agency Comments about their Teams

"Excellent. Every facet of the session went really well. The group was eager, willing and able to do anything we asked. The amount of work accomplished was amazing. As with previous groups, the best attribute was the people and their attitudes. Everyone was always eager to do whatever was asked and it made for a smooth operation." "They performed their work at a professional level. They organized themselves as to who was best suited to each task, and worked very well together." "Our church was...

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