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Agencies love their NOMADS!

Our period 4 teams got some great comments from the United Methodist agencies who had projects this period: "A great team, the leaders have been here before and have a good feel of the campus. Total cooperation from all. This was a very good team." "NOMADS were outstanding! Team Leaders were well organized which made the entire project team organized, very efficient, and cooperative. Made some recommendations to enhance project work. All items listed on the project application were completed ...

Team Report from Satellite Beach UMC Project

Satellite Beach UMC P-3-19 report!  We want to tell a little about Satellite Beach UMC and the project. The church works with the fire and police departments in Satellite Beach. When those departments go to a home and see they need help, they give Satellite Beach UMC their names and when the Nomads come they work on those homes.   Here is a little story:  NOMADS Gary and Bill were working in the parking lot at the church and a fire truck stopped and told them of a man that could not get his ...

Dundee UMC Newsletter

Check out the focus on the recent NOMADS team at Dundee UMC in Dundee, Florida! /files/pagefiles/www/dundee+newsletter.pdf

Volunteer Hours Valued at $24.69/Hour

The Independent Sector current value of a volunteer hour is $24.69. NOMADS donate hours worth approximately $3,000,000 every year!

UM Agencies Love their NOMADS teams!

We heard from many of our United Methodist hosting agencies this fall that their teams did great things in support of their ministries: "The Nomads were delightful to host and incredibly hard workers. We had bad weather delays, but their spirits and attitudes remained positive throughout." "We've always had wonderful experiences with the NOMADS, and this project was definitely no exception. They were a super team, did amazing work, and we are so thankful." "Nomads are professional and did an ...

Little River Newspaper Article

Click on the link below to view the newspaper article on our NOMADS team working on Foreman First UMC in Arkansas, period 7 (May 2018).    /files/pagefiles/www/little+river+news+article+july+2018.pdf

Agencies Love Their NOMADS Teams!

Recent project evaluations included some great comments from the Pastors or Directors of the churches or agencies for whom we had projects this summer.  Here are a few of their comments about their NOMADS teams: "The work was wonderful! The workers were cheerful and very dedicated to their projects. The work went very smoothly and the end product is exceptional. Professional all the way." "The Nomads were a great help to us at Camp. The time and effort that they put into each project was such ...

Video from Period 4 in Sparr, Florida

Check out the youtube video made by one of our team members for the project just ended 3-29-18 at First UMC in Sparr, Florida: https://youtu.be/Hx3Z-89q5uc

Our Agencies Love their NOMADS!

The United Methodist agencies for which we have projects have reported great things about their recent teams: "Great group. Worked well together and seemed to really enjoy each others company. Each seemed to have a particular specialty and as a group could accomplish anything requested of them." "Oh my gosh, I cannot say enough about the teams that were here. Our team leaders were amazing, as well as the rest of the team. They were all so gracious and helpful. May God bless each and everyone ...

Our agency partners love their NOMADS!

Our hosting agencies evaluate their projects and teams at the end of each project.  As always, we had some wonderful comments from them late in 2017: "This lead couple demonstrated the highest commitment to a cooperative spirit for all the Nomads and for all staff and Board members. The spirit of Christ was evident in their attitude, work and cooperative spirit. The entire group accomplished more than our agency thought possible at the beginning." "This was an excellent team with excellent ...

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