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Agency Comments from Recent Projects

Our period 4 ended March 30th and our United Methodist hosting agencies (churches and other UM agencies who have NOMADS projects) had some great comments about their teams: "Their work and participation were beyond what we expected. They are such gracious and wonderful people. We truly enjoyed their work and also the friendship." "We are very grateful for all that this group accomplished. They completed more work than we expected and enabled us to check off some items that have been on our "to...

Letter from Satellite Beach Police Chief

Click on the link below to read a wonderful letter from the Satellite Beach, Florida Police Chief. /files/pagefiles/www/nomad+letter+from+sbpd.pdf

United Methodist Agencies love their NOMADS teams!

Recent comments from our Church and Agency partners who had NOMADS projects during period 3: "The presence of the NOMAD groups is always helpful and spiritually uplifting, but this group were especially so. They provided special music one Sunday. They took on the plans we had designed and found improved ways to decrease expenses and yet improve the designs. They were encouraging and righteous in their dealings with people in the congregation and in the community." "They worked very hard and ...

Agency comments from recent projects

Comments from some of our period 2 (Feb 2017) project agencies: “All work performed was top notch quality. Nomad team members were very flexible adjusting to changes / needs. Great attitudes and good spirits throughout the project.” “This group really worked hard and accomplished miracles.” “Excellent as always!!! The staff members were so impressed (again) with the dedication, determination, cooperation, leadership, enthusiasm and skills of all of the volunteers.” “This is my 12th Nomad ...

NOMADS Board of Directors Candidates Sought

Announcing opening of candidacy for 2017 NOMADS Board of Directors positions… Every year we have the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors for NOMADS as two of our current members rotate off. Newly elected Board Members fill those vacated positions for the following four years.    Our By-laws contain some rules for how this election process takes place.  Specifically, all active members may vote for the qualified candidates who offer to serve NOMADS on the Board of Directors.  ...

Dakota Wesleyan Winter Issue-NOMADS

Click on the link below to view the winter issue of the Dakota Wesleyan Today newsletter, featuring NOMADS on pages 15-17.   https://www.dwu.edu/alumni-visitors/wesleyan-today-alumni-magazine

Independent Sector Values a Volunteer Hour at $23.56

Click on the link below to see the hourly value placed on volunteers, by the Independent Sector: https://www.independentsector.org/resource/the-value-of-volunteer-time/

In Honor of our Veterans

Today we remember all those who've served our country, to keep our liberties intact.  We are so thankful for all of our military people, for their service to this great country.

Volunteer time valued at $23.56 per hour

Click on the link below to the Independent Sector's info on value of volunteers - $23.56 per hour. https://www.independentsector.org/volunteer_time

Online Shopping Benefits Our Ministry

Did you know that United Methodist Nomads has a unique AmazonSmile link? The United Methodist NOMADs link: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/32-0102494 When you click on the NOMADS unique link, you won't have to search for a charity to support among over 1 million eligible charities and are automatically asked if you want to support United Methodist Nomads. Thank you for your support of our Ministry!  

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