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TV story on NOMADS - Baton Rouge

One of the church members at Francis Asbury called the TV station a few days before we left and asked them to do this segment. https://www.wbrz.com/videos/2mad-nomads-making-a-difference  

End of our Time in Baton Rouge 5-10-19

Baton Rouge Update 5/10/2019   The NOMADS Disaster Rebuild project has come to an end in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Thursday was bittersweet with the leaving.  At the end we were still working on two homes that still needed a lot of work to be completed. Max, Anne, Joe, and Charley had been working on the home of the Ford’s.  This home was a complete rebuild on the interior of the home.  NOMADS over several periods during the last year completed installing cabinets, flooring, doors, some sheet ...

Disaster Rebuilding Continues in Baton Rouge May 3, 2019

Baton Rouge Update 5/3/2019   We said goodbye to Marvin and Janice, Robert and Pat, and Dave and Ruth Ann today.  It was hard to see old and new friends leave, but this weekend we will see new ones as Joe and Charley arrive. This past week we all attended church at Francis Asbury UMC, our host church.  Since the team is parking in the church parking lot, the drive was very short.  The pastor was out of town for the weekend attending a family function, prior to his leaving he asked if one of the...

Baton Rouge Weekly Report April 26, 2019

The Baton Rouge DR team said goodbye to Mark and Susanne, and Butch and Cheri last Friday.  As usual, it was hard to see old and new friends leave, but on Saturday and Sunday we saw new ones arrive.  Dave and Ruth Ann, and Bob and Virginia arrived on Saturday, with Marvin and Janice arriving on Sunday afternoon. Our week started on Sunday with a beautiful Easter sunrise service at the home of one of the church members.  Their home overlooks a small lake facing towards the east.  The morning was...

Final Weekly Report-Texas DR Apr 19, 2019

Nomads concluded the spring 2019 session working on Hurricane Harvey rebuilding on the Texas gulf coast.  We were in on the last four weeks, the final three as leaders. We were based in Port Lavaca, Texas and our team worked on a complete rebuild of a single home in the nearby town of Seadrift.  This home had its roof severely damaged which caused water damage that destroyed the interior.  The interior had been gutted and the roof replaced when we started work. In our four weeks on the site we...

Weekly Report from Baton Rouge April 14, 2019

Sharon and I arrived in Baton Rouge on Friday, 4/5/19, to take over the lead on the project from Stel and Jodi.  Stel and Jodi were leaving on Saturday morning, so we spent Friday afternoon and evening going over the project.  Stel did a great job of describing the work that has been completed and the work in progress.  She also gave us a tour of the church facilities, including the workshop/warehouse that belongs to the Louisiana UMC conference.  On Saturday we gave a farewell to Stel and Jodi ...

Baton Rouge Disaster Rebuilding Continues 4-5-19

Week Seven Baton Rouge Disaster Rebuild Report We said farewell to Randy, Mary, Bruce and Cindy on Friday and had a quiet weekend since Mark and Jo, Joe and Jayne, and Bruce and Susan did not arrive until Sunday afternoon.  With their arrival, our team has grown to 11 people and six rigs.  We had a meeting and snacks on Sunday evening and planned our day for Monday. Jayne brought her karaoke machine and we had the pleasure of accompaniment for our devotions.  After our praise service, Butch ...

Week 5 in Baton Rouge - Disaster Rebuilding 3-29-19

Week Five Baton Rouge Disaster Rebuild Project Report   The week we said “see ya’ll later” to three couples including Max and Anne, Mark and Lisa and Gary and Nancy.  We were then blessed with the arrival of Bruce and Cindy but that is all so we were a somewhat smaller workforce but a mighty one nonetheless.  We had lunch at the City Café after church on Sunday. On Sunday night (actually Monday Morning at @ 2:00 AM) a group of high school students and their leaders from a private school in ...

Disaster Rebuilding in Baton Rouge - Week 4 2019

Week Four Baton Rouge Disaster Relief Project Report This week we had three couples we had to hug and say “see you down the road”. Dave and Rita, Larry and Jean, and Bob and Anne pulled out on Friday. It’s always hard to see friends leave but we got to welcome Stel and Jodi, Mary and Randy and Butch and Cheri to Baton Rouge. Another great team! We all attended church at Francis Asbury again and then went to Sammy’s Grill for lunch. We also went out to dinner Wednesday to celebrate Mary’s ...

Louisiana Disaster Rebuilding Week 3 2019

Week Three, Baton Rouge LA 2019   Unusual for a disaster rebuild project, we had the same team for two weeks in a row.  We skipped the Sunday night meeting since we all went out to lunch after church, to Freddy’s for frozen custard and then home to rest.  Unfortunately the Louisiana crud was still attacking our team this week and we had more visits to the Urgent Care.  The good news is that as the week drew to a close, everyone seemed to be improving.    This week we continued finishing the ...

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