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Disaster News

Disaster Rebuilding in Florida March 20, 2020

This week we had a small team, Bill and Barb and Rodney and Tammy. We worked primarily at Dennis’s in hopes that we could finish his house. We built out the door installed last week so that it could be trimmed and baseboard molding installed around the door. We also installed brick molding on the exterior of the door. We caulked and painted the door, trim, and brick molding. We installed the bathroom transition strip. Doors seemed to be the task for our week. We removed Dennis’s kitchen entrance...

Texas Disaster Rebuilding March 20, 2020

Nomads Disaster Rebuilding Mercedes, Texas Status Update – March 20, 2020   NOMADS have been working with the Rio Texas Conference of the UMC to repair and replace flood damaged homes in the area of Mercedes, Texas.   Although we have worked on several houses since the first of the year, our primary focus over the past three weeks has been the construction of a new three-bedroom house for a local family to replace a mobile home severely damaged by the floods.   With the able assistance of the ...

Florida Rebuilding Continues March 15, 2020

Florida Rebuilding Report Week ending 3/14/2020 Last Friday we had to say goodbye to Lisa and Mark. They stayed and helped us an extra week and we so appreciate their hard work and extra time on our Florida rebuilding. Saturday we welcomed Tammy and Rodney to their first week in the Keys. We transitioned leadership to them over the course of this week. We made sure they were familiar with the homes currently in progress. This week we worked at five houses. At Dennis’s house we installed his new ...

Disaster Rebuilding Continues in Florida March 6, 2020

Florida Rebuilding Report Week of 03/06/2020 We had another busy and productive week in the Keys. Friday we had to say goodbye to Sue and we wish her safe travels. The weekend weather was uncooperative but some of the team did get to go to Key West and ride bikes and see the sights on Friday. Then Saturday we welcomed Reid and Anita and Barb and Bill to the team. We started the work week with Lisa and Barb spending part of each morning completing the drywall finishing at Atlantis. All that is ...

Florida Rebuilders Weekly Report Feb 28, 2020

Florida Rebuilding Report February 21-28 2020 Friday we had to say goodbye to Dan and Virgie as they headed back north and off of the islands. They did a great job leading the NOMADS rebuilding efforts in the Keys and we thank them for their sharing their servant hearts. Sunday the NOMADS were responsible for the “sermon” portion of the service and Lisa, Sue and Anne did a great job sharing the NOMADS story and the joy of being the hands and feet of Jesus to people in need. The questions and ...

Disaster Rebuilding continues in Texas Feb 21, 2020

TX DR report week of 02/17/2020 - 02/20/2020   We said goodbye to the Russells, and welcomed Harry Voris back, so the teamwork once again this week was awesome! At Carla’s home, the team finished the flooring, wiring, and the finish trim. Last week, we were flooring at the same time we were hanging doors which messes up the new floors, so this week we had to really clean the floors. We would have preferred to wait on the floors until the doors were done, but with so many hands …   We are ...

Florida Disaster Rebuilding at Feb 15, 2020

Summer has returned to the Florida Keys again this winter, but fortunately most of our work is in air conditioned spaces.  We finished our work at the "M" house, and are making arrangements to present their Bible to them.  While we are waiting for window and door permits from the County and arrival of new outside doors at Dennis' house, this week we performed demolition work in the bathroom, and have advanced the rebuilding to the point of hanging sheet rock.  We also have plumbing work going on...

Weekly Team Report from Texas - February 14, 2020

TX DR report week of 2/10 - 2/13/20   We had the same team as the past two weeks, so the teamwork this week was awesome! Inside Carla’s Home, all the doors were hung, and all but the kitchen and living room was trimmed. Major strides were made with plumbing, and will be finished next week when we receive all the parts needed. The outlets, switches, and some of the lighting and fans were installed. Flooring was installed in every room except part of the kitchen. Outside, the water line was ...

Texas Rebuilding Continues - Feb 8, 2020

TX DR report week of 2/03 - 2/06/20 We had the same team as last week, and we truly hit full stride this week!   Inside Carla’s home ‘mudding’ was completed, and every room was textured and primed. We will start painting the rooms next week. Outside, the entire home was painted and trimmed, and the outside lights wired. The second deck was completed and railing finished on both decks. The plumbing is nearly complete, thanks to trenching from our AmeriCorps friends (who also did the roofing). Not...

Weekly Team Report Florida Disaster Rebuilding Feb 7, 2020

Dennis'  house is coming together with work this week including installation of kitchen cabinets, texturing and painting of the second bedroom, and completion of painting and installation of interior doors. It's been so uplifting to see his excitement as the work progresses toward his house being livable once again. Next week we will complete laying flooring and baseboard in the second bedroom and begin demolition in the bathroom in preparation for restoration work. We also worked a bit on the ...

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