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Rebuilding Continues in Texas Jan 6, 2019

On Sunday we attended Sunday School and the Church service at the Port Lavaca First United Methodist Church.   On Monday we met with Jim Worley (our Project Manager) at the first house on Oakland St. in Seadrift, Texas. The home is a single wide mobile home that has been worked on by other volunteers and we were there to finish it up and get the homeowner into his home.   This week we tore down drywall on the ceilings in a bedroom, utility room and a closet. We replaced some wood, insulation and...

Disaster Rebuilding in North Carolina Dec 14th

A little information about the last couple of weeks at Lumberton. In all the DR projects that we have done we have never given out 5, yes 5, bibles at the end of the project. We had 5 homes that we have been working on and all five were completed on Wednesday,  Dec. 12, 2018. On Thursday the whole team carpooled to all 5 homes and presented the bibles. The team gave each family baked goods, a poinsettia and an ornament with the cross and flame. It is a true blessing to be able to work on people'...

Rebuilding Continues in Texas Dec 8, 2018

It is starting to look a lot like Christmas everywhere.The church is decorated and we attended a Christmas program in Corpus Christi on Sunday afternoon. We currently have 5 members of the team participating with the church choir for their Cantata for December 16 worship. It was great weather to go to the beach as well. This week we finished our third house in Rockport. We finished sanding the drywall, priming and putting 2 coats of paint on the garage by noon on Tuesday. The team at the house ...

Lumberton, NC Team Report Dec 1, 2018

Our first week leading in Lumberton was Nov 19. Cindy, Bruce and Jerry were our great team. Cindy and Mary Ann did a lot of running to pick up supplies while Gene and Jerry worked hard getting a bathroom ready for the homeowners for Thanksgiving.  Poor Bruce could not work because of a kidney stone attack. Jerry went home for Thanksgiving,  Mary Ann and Gene went to friends and Cindy and Bruce stayed in Lumberton.  Our second week was with Cindy and Bruce, Carol and Dave, Anne and Max, Philip, ...

Odem Team Weekly Report Dec 1, 2018

After eating our way through Thanksgiving most of the team rested on Friday and Saturday, with only a few venturing out shopping for Black Friday. On Sunday we welcomed the new team members Kevin and Lora Denison to the team. They escaped from Kansas City just ahead of the snowstorm that rolled through there. We held a team potluck meeting and then several members participated in a bible study. Monday found us starting a new house in Rockport that needs some work to finish up what other ...

Rebuilding Continues through Thanksgiving in Texas

We finished this week with the team working in both Aransas Pass and in Rockport. We welcomed Gary and Avis Norton and Sue Albright to the team on Saturday with a trip to Dairy Queen. We also celebrated that John and Kitty Hahn decided to stay another week with us. On Sunday the church held a Thanksgiving potluck to honor the NOMAD team after church. We had leftovers from the potluck at the team meeting on Sunday evening. At the house in Rockport we finished the master bathroom with the new ...

Weekly Report Team Texas DR 11-17-18

Odem DR, week of November 12-15 This week was a busy week.  Since we had a full team from last week stay over, we had no new NOMADS join us this week.  Friday it rained almost the entire day and Saturday we ventured out in the cool and wind to go to the aircraft carrier Lexington which is docked in Corpus Christi.  Dennis and Nancy, Mary and Randy, Kitty and John, and Gene and Carolyn all went and enjoyed about 4 1/2 hours at the ship.  It was very interesting and we all had a good time.  ...

Lumberton, NC Disaster Rebuilding Week 5 Nov 9, 2018

REBUILDING LUMBERTON WEEK 5 We have been experiencing glorious fall weather here in Lumberton.  We are very thankful for the great working weather especially when we think back to the hot summer when we were here in 2017.  This week we had to say good bye to Reid and Bill and Cheryl but got to say hello to Mike and Lee, Joanne, and Bruce and Cindy.  Sunday the team attended worship at Chestnut Street UMC where they were celebrating All Saints Sunday and then went out to dinner where everyone ...

Disaster Rebuilding in NC Week 4 Nov 2, 2018

REBUILDING LUMBERTON WEEK 4   Max and Anne took over leadership from Gary and Sharon this week.  We also lost team members Bill and Ogie and Larry and Ginger.  Thanks to these hard workers for the work they began in Lumberton.  This week we added team members Bill and Cheryl, Dave and Carol, Mike and Susan and Reid.  We started the week continuing the work on Cheryl’s house and Jackie’s house.  Susan, Reid and Bill spent most of the week completing all but the punch list items at Cheryl’s.  They...

Odem, Texas Disaster Rebuilding Nov 9, 2019

Week of November 5 This week we have had a fun, busy, and productive week.  On Friday we welcomed Nancy and Dennis Williams to our team.  Saturday Sara, Jerry, Dennis, Nancy, Kitty, John, Gene, and Carolyn visited the South Texas Botanical Gardens.  They had a special dollar day admission and we saw a variety of birds, flowers, butterflies and cacti.  We learned how to tell a male butterfly from a female butterfly (for some species)—there are 2 dots toward the bottom of their wings—one on each—...

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