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Texas Rebuilders Team Report Dec 13, 2019

This week we welcomed Dave and Judy Peterson to our group. We have 4 RVs and 7 people. We accomplished quite a bit. The outside of the house got blue paint on 2 sides and the eaves got white final coat all the way around the house. It is looking great. Inside all doors are now installed and ready to be painted. All base board is in place. The kitchen cupboards are all in place and the countertops are in place. The water heater is wired. The laundry room is coming together; all rafters are up, ...

Florida Rebuilding Continues Dec 13, 2019

Week of December 9-12 in Big Pine Key   We said good-bye to the Phelps on Friday and then welcomed Max and Anne Armstrong and Elaine Grabin on Saturday.  Since Max and Anne are going to take over the leadership at the end of this week, the Freemans introduced them to the homeowners of the two homes that we will be working on this week.  Thursday evening we went out to dinner to celebrate the work done and the weeks that the Freemans led.    First we went over to Dennis’s house, showed them ...

Big Pine Key DR Dec 6, 2019

On Saturday Ron and Mary Freiberg and Herman and Janis Small joined the Phelps and Freemans in Big Pine Key.  Sunday we went to church in the morning and then in the evening had our pot luck dinner and meeting.  This week we worked on two houses.  Mr. Dennis kept the entire team busy on Monday and Tuesday.  We finished putting up the drywall in the hall and also finished the ceiling drywall in the closet and hall.  Kathy, Gene, and Herman finished putting the screws in the ceiling drywall.  We ...

Port Lavaca Disaster Rebuilding Continues Dec. 6, 2019

This last week we had a team of nine people. The weather was cooperative so we were able to get started on the outside work. We finished painting and laying flooring in all rooms. The kitchen cabinets were painted and some were put in place. The water heater was put in place and plumbed. The laundry room was started - two walls are framed. We welcomed Russell Golly and Karen Gates on Sunday and said goodbye to them on Friday. We also said goodbye to Bill and Ogie Watkins. Jack and Barb Schmoll, ...

Florida DR weekly report Nov 29, 2019

Week of 11/25-11/29:  Week 8 of the project The weekend before Thanksgiving, most of us went to Key West to explore different places.  We have been blessed to be close to a city that has multiple museums and different opportunities.  Our new RV spots at the church are nice and it is pretty quiet here.  Sunday we all went to church and then everyone went their own way.  Carolyn has been encouraged by the pastor’s wife to play horn in the cantata which has kept her busy on Sunday afternoons.   ...

Texas DR Weekly Team Report Nov 29, 2019

This week we had four rigs and six people working. We trimmed the windows on the outside of the house and put on corner boards on the outside of the house. Inside we textured/primed four rooms, painted four rooms, laid laminate floors in two rooms, prepared two rooms for texture/paint and laid underlayment in bathroom. The team worked together well. We worked three full days and a half day on Thanksgiving. We say goodbye to Harry this week and look forward to two new rigs coming in this weekend....

Florida Disaster Rebuilding Team Report Nov 22, 2019

Week of Nov 18-21 in Big Pine Key After a somewhat restful weekend, we started this week with church and also a little bit of a cool down. They call it winter down here; but to us, it feels as though it is late spring/early summer! This week we have worked on a variety of projects.  The church had some damage from the hurricane and we worked on the sound booth.  When Gene called the church member in charge of it, he came right over to the church to show us what he wanted.  We got to do a ...

Florida Disaster Rebuilding Continues Nov 14, 2019

Big Pine Key DR week of 11/11 On Friday Kathy Phillips left for her home and then on Saturday morning  Mike and Barb Druck left for their next adventure.  The adventure started earlier than planned when they were involved in a four vehicle accident in Homestead, about three hours north of us.  Luckily, they weren’t injured, just some damage to the back of their RV.   Saturday we welcomed Sandi and Dave Barclay and Kathy and Larry Phelps.  We had hoped to welcome them in the new RV spots at the...

Florida DR Weekly Team Report Nov 9, 2019

Week of 11/4 in Big Pine Key   Our team members are Mike and Barb Druck, Kathy Phillips, Sarah Donaldson, and Gene and Carolyn Freeman.  This week we have had a variety of projects for our work.  First thing Monday morning we all helped move plywood for the church.  Some of the members of the church were there to help and we were able to get this job done quickly.  Barb got sidelined using her nursing skills and helped one of the church members, David,  who cut his leg on one of the plywood ...

TV Story on NOMADS in Hattiesburg, MS Nov 6, 2019

A TV news story from Fox TV in Hattiesburg, MS with Mariel mentioning the NOMADS. https://youtu.be/SZAOfXlcgeM    

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