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Team Hattiesburg Weekly Report 4-28-18

This past week in Hattiesburg was a busy one.  First, Nula joined our team on Saturday. On Monday we returned to Brother Bill’s house and finished installing the living room hardwood flooring.  After the installation was completed, Gene and Gary, using small hand-held power sanders, sanded the floor to remove markings from shipping and to smooth out a few rough areas.  Sharon worked on the door threshholds between the kitchen and living room, and the dining room and living room.  The flooring ...

Baton Rouge Weekly Report 4-27-18

Saturday we welcomed Dave and Carol.  They will take over the leadership for next week’s team.  After their arrival we planned to go downtown to the USS Kidd, but a Tom Hanks movie is being filmed so it was closed. So—we decided to go to the state capitol building.  It is a very tall building (30+ stories) and we were only allowed to go to the observation floor because the first floor was closed for shooting a scene for the Tom Hanks movie!  We enjoyed the afternoon and went out to Rice and Roux...

Hattiesburg, MS Team Report 4-20-18

Hattiesburg, Mississippi Disaster Rebuild project April 16th to April 19th. This past week we saw Dennis and Nancy, and Larry and Mary depart.  Gary and Sharon assumed the lead from Dennis and Nancy.  The rest of the team Gene and Mary Ann, Butch and Cheri, and Stephen, stayed also for the next few weeks. At Bill’s house this week, the team completed the quarter round in the three bedrooms and the hallway, finished painting the new front door and other trim work, and installed ceramic tile in ...

Weekly News from Baton Rouge 4-20-18

Click on this link for pics of the week:  /files/content/www/images/br+pics+4-16-18.pdf We were blessed to have Stel and Jodi stay an extra week with us.  For about 1 1/2 hours, Saturday morning found 7 adults and 6 dogs in the church waiting out the tornado watch.  The dogs did pretty well—so did we!  No tornado hit this area.  It continued to rain off and on the rest of the day and Sunday was on the cool side. We had another busy week!  Monday started with Bob and Dan working on the drywall ...

More News from Baton Rouge DR 4-13-18

Click on this link for pics of the week:  /files/websites/www/pics+week+of+april+8.pdf The homeowners of the house where we are working are an older couple who both have disabilities.  His wife is dealing with a lot of pain.  They have both come to see us at the house, located in front of his FEMA trailer.  His original house was severely damaged in the flood and was taken down.   Mr. Richard has come to the house every day and greets us in the morning when we arrive.  He is a very happy person...

Baton Rouge Rebuilding Team Report 4-12-18

For week two of the project Mike and Barb left and Stel and Jodi came in. We also had an opening on the team because of Cindy’s accident so Mark and Lisa decided to stay and help us another week. By the end of the week the first addition was in the dry and the porch railing was complete. On Thursday afternoon we also learned that the project size had been doubled. We were now told to build another bedroom and bath addition to the opposite end of the original structure, i.e. we are now adding a ...

Weekly Team Report from Hattiesburg April 8, 2018

We finished the fifth week of work here in Hattiesburg, Mississippi for the spring 2018 period. We had a team of 9 Nomads this week and are still working on the 3 homes assigned to us. At the Rebecca street home we completed the bedrooms and the computer room on Monday. Tuesday morning the team of Butch and Gene started the tear out of the living room ceiling, once it was down we could see problems from the water as the support above had pushed down. The consultation with our local contact has ...

Membership Dues were due March 31st

If you are a current or alumni member of NOMADS, our dues year ended March 31st.  We'd like to have your "active" dues of $45 per person or alumni dues of $10 per person, in the NOMADS office asap please. You can login and pay with a credit card or you are welcome to mail a check to us at: United Methodist NOMADS, P.O. Box 3508, Shawnee, KS 66203. Thank you!  Questions, email Carla Kinsey, NOMADS Program Administrator at director@nomadsumc.org

Pray for NOMADS and safe travel

We've finished our period 4 project session, so many NOMADS are on the roads in their RVs this weekend.  Please take a moment to lift them up for safe travels and arrivals.  Easter blessings to all.

Video from Period 4 in Sparr, Florida

Check out the youtube video made by one of our team members for the project just ended 3-29-18 at First UMC in Sparr, Florida: https://youtu.be/Hx3Z-89q5uc

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