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Week 5 in Baton Rouge - Disaster Rebuilding 3-29-19

Week Five Baton Rouge Disaster Rebuild Project Report   The week we said “see ya’ll later” to three couples including Max and Anne, Mark and Lisa and Gary and Nancy.  We were then blessed with the arrival of Bruce and Cindy but that is all so we were a somewhat smaller workforce but a mighty one nonetheless.  We had lunch at the City Café after church on Sunday. On Sunday night (actually Monday Morning at @ 2:00 AM) a group of high school students and their leaders from a private school in ...

Disaster Rebuilding in Baton Rouge - Week 4 2019

Week Four Baton Rouge Disaster Relief Project Report This week we had three couples we had to hug and say “see you down the road”. Dave and Rita, Larry and Jean, and Bob and Anne pulled out on Friday. It’s always hard to see friends leave but we got to welcome Stel and Jodi, Mary and Randy and Butch and Cheri to Baton Rouge. Another great team! We all attended church at Francis Asbury again and then went to Sammy’s Grill for lunch. We also went out to dinner Wednesday to celebrate Mary’s ...

Louisiana Disaster Rebuilding Week 3 2019

Week Three, Baton Rouge LA 2019   Unusual for a disaster rebuild project, we had the same team for two weeks in a row.  We skipped the Sunday night meeting since we all went out to lunch after church, to Freddy’s for frozen custard and then home to rest.  Unfortunately the Louisiana crud was still attacking our team this week and we had more visits to the Urgent Care.  The good news is that as the week drew to a close, everyone seemed to be improving.    This week we continued finishing the ...

Team Report from Satellite Beach UMC Project

Satellite Beach UMC P-3-19 report!  We want to tell a little about Satellite Beach UMC and the project. The church works with the fire and police departments in Satellite Beach. When those departments go to a home and see they need help, they give Satellite Beach UMC their names and when the Nomads come they work on those homes.   Here is a little story:  NOMADS Gary and Bill were working in the parking lot at the church and a fire truck stopped and told them of a man that could not get his ...

Baton Rouge DR Weekly Report Mar 3, 2019

Week Two Baton Rouge, LA 2019   At the end of last week after the team completed the Oakline Drive home and made that Bible presentation, the team picked up another home on Baker Drive in Denham Springs, about 15 minutes from where the RV’s are parked.  It is a trailer that had been gutted and a lot of the drywall installed and some mudding done.  It’s nice that both the houses are pretty close.  No long drives fighting traffic.  This week we had one couple join the team, Lisa and Mark.  They ...

Week One Rebuilding in Baton Rouge Feb 18-21

Week One Baton Rogue, LA 2019- One Bible Presentation   Max and Anne arrived in Baton Rouge Monday afternoon, February 11, to begin getting ready for the opening week of our 2019 Baton Rouge Rebuild project.  On meeting the LA Conference Disaster Team we were told there are approximately 100 clients from the 2016 flooding still needing assistance.  It has now been 2.5 years since the flood and still 100 people need help getting back in their homes or home repairs completed.  The conference ...

Texas Disaster Rebuilding Week of 2-18 to 2-21-19

Disaster Rebuild Project Rio Texas Conference, Port Lavaca, Texas, February 18 – 21, 2019 This past week the whole team continued to work on the house on Santa Rosa Street.  Sharon and Jayne completed the laminate flooring.  With the flooring completed, the team will start installing cabinets in the kitchen and the bath fixtures in the bathroom next week.  A new metal door was installed on the back door.  Jerry and Dave completed the installation of new steps at the back door.  Dave and Gary ...

Weekly Team Report - Texas Disaster Rebuilding Feb 11-14, 2019

Week of February 11 to 14, Texas DR, Port Lavaca, Texas. Sharon and I arrived in Port Lavaca on Saturday the 9th.  For those of you that have been to Port Lavaca for a regular three-week project at the First United Methodist Church you would really like the improvement made to the RV parking area.  The church, with help from the Rio-Texas Conference and NOMADS grants, contracted with a local road contractor to improve the parking area with a solid rock base and rock surface.  When the weather ...

Dundee UMC Newsletter

Check out the focus on the recent NOMADS team at Dundee UMC in Dundee, Florida! /files/pagefiles/www/dundee+newsletter.pdf

Volunteer Hours Valued at $24.69/Hour

The Independent Sector current value of a volunteer hour is $24.69. NOMADS donate hours worth approximately $3,000,000 every year!

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