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Newspaper Article on Nomads - Park Rapids, MN


Donate Your Vehicle and help United Methodist Nomads

We have made a new agreement for vehicle donations with proceeds to benefit the United Methodist Nomads with CARS (Charitable Adult Rides and Services).  In a cooperative effort between CARS and United Methodist Nomads your vehicle can be donated to our organization, running or not. And the giver receives a tax deduction from United Methodist Nomads. In addition to cars you can donate trucks, vans, boats, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, RVs and even airplanes. You must have clean title. Free...

Nomads Board Chair on Future of Nomads

Watch the video below to learn about the Nomads plans for the impending split in the United Methodist Church.  The speaker is our Board Chair, Anne Armstrong. https://youtu.be/1ks5VgpIvVs

Urgent! Openings Available starting Oct 3, 2022

We need Nomads to help fill out our teams and sign up for 1, 2 or 3 weeks during our upcoming period 13, 2022 project period, which begins Oct 3, 2022.  Our projects are 3 weeks long, but partial signups may be accepted if we are shorthanded and time is also short.  Teams with openings are located in Lineville or Gallant, AL, Cataula, GA, North Webster, IN, Beverly, KY, Rollins, MT, East Laurinburg, NC, Moravia, NY, Gore, OK, Grand Valley, PA and Eva, TN.  Email director@nomadsumc.org if I can ...

Lake Junaluska Team gets Focus Article


Hosting Agencies Love their Nomads!

Many of our Summer project teams received amazing comments from our Hosting United Methodist agencies: From Period 7 projects: "Excellent team - love them - wish we could keep them year round." "Always a great help on campus. The individuals were great!" "The Nomads were great. They worked well with very little instruction and some guidance on what materials they needed. Got almost all of the work done. I know they were a little frustrated with not getting everything done but they got a lot ...

Minnesota Annual Conference article on Nomads


Nomads Take on Tough Projects at Hinton

    Hinton Rural Life Center has been blessed for many years by the efforts of teams of United Methodist NOMADS -- Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service. NOMADS provide volunteer labor, such as new construction, remodeling, repairs, and maintenance for UM organizations.  From  April 18 through May 5, a team of five NOMADS undertook and completed a serious remodel of the Patterson Cottage, which included drywall, priming and painting, ...

Hosting Agencies Loved their Nomads!

Many of our Spring project teams received amazing comments from our Hosting United Methodist agencies: From Period 5 projects: "Their work was efficient and timely. They were flexible with weather, materials, and projects which made their stay with us invaluable. We are grateful for their ministry."  Camp Sumatanga, Gallant, AL "I say it again an awesome team during the entire 3 week project."  Camp J. D. Tygart, Ray City, GA "A great team that worked well together. Skilled volunteers. They ...

Servants in Faith and Technology article on "Reasons to Serve"

The following article is from the Southern Institute For Appropriate Technology, Servants in Faith and Technology, Lineville, Alabama.  The story relates to how our work, whether it be at a church camp, children’s home, local church, or on a disaster rebuild project, impacts those that we encounter.  I know that many of you have had the opportunity to work around youth at camps, homeowners on community outreach and disaster rebuilding projects, and church members on local projects.   How many of...

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