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Disaster Rebuilding in Mississippi 11-12-17


Our team had a great week in Hattiesburg. Nancy and I arrived on Friday November 3 and got parked in the early afternoon. We then went on a tour of the projects the team was working on. Our final RV unit was in place on Saturday with the arrival of Bob and Linda. After attending church on Sunday here at Oak Grove UMC we enjoyed a Turkey Dinner put on by the church. Sunday evening we held our team meeting and got to get all of the old friends together that are on this team. 

Monday morning we headed out to the two jobs we were working on at Edwards street and Roby street. Edwards street only had a few jobs for the Nomads to finish up. With John, Bob, Linda, Nancy and Dennis we finished all the jobs up by Tuesday. On Tuesday we made the Bible presentation to the home owner. The team at the Roby street house of Gary, Sue, Kitty, and Avis got the laminate floor installed this week, blinds installed, doors painted and installed, lights installed, smoked detectors fixed, porch routed and sanded, electric outlets replaced and adjusted for the covers.

On Wednesday we moved to a new project at Gulfport street which needed ceiling repairs and painting. By Thursday they had completed the drywall repairs and started the painting of Kilz on it.

This team is staying for another week together as we had no one leave this week.

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Thank You & God Bless!
Dennis Williams