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Weekly Report Team Hattiesburg 11-5-17


Saturday, October 28, we welcomed Kitty and John Hahn to Hattiesburg and Sunday, Avis and Gary Norton arrived.  Jo and Art Savoy left on Friday, 10/27.  Because Carol Kuiper’s father fell and was not doing well, she and Marty had to leave on Tuesday 10/31.

Saturday, Mary Ann, Carol, and Carolyn went shopping for candy and decorations for Trunk or Treat.  Oak Grove UMC, where we are parked, has Trunk or Treat for the community.  It is like a carnival!  They had a blow up slide and also a blow up bounce house.  There were about 20 cars decorated, and many had games.  The game we had was to fly a paper airplane through a hoop.  Mary Ann took care of the airplanes, Carol, in the back seat of the Flex, retrieved the planes (and told them to use her face as a target), and Carolyn gave out stickers and candy.  It was a blast.  The funny thing is that the younger kids were better at getting the planes through the hoop than the older kids.  Mary Ann gave some of the little ones a boost.  There were about 400 people there and everyone had a great time.  Gary and Avis had to wait to park until the slide and bounce house were taken down.  

This past week the team was able to accomplish more work on Miss Sandra’s house.  There is only a little bit of work left.  We applied two coats of polyurethane to the living room and dining room.  The vanity is completely installed as well as trim in the bathroom.  The last of the siding was almost completed and will be finished this next week.  All of the boards that needed to be wrapped with metal have been finished, the soffits were finished, medicine cabinet and lights in the bathroom were installed, most cover plates have been installed, and old outlet holes in the baseboards are covered.  At Miss Dorothy’s house the painting has been completed, primer and finish coats.  They finished the railing around the porch and steps, which has made the front of the house look really good!  Soffit repairs have been completed.  More of the interior trim has been put up.  

We started a third house, owned by Miss Drusilla.  We pulled out nails and put up some insulation.  This house is in need of repairing three rooms.  

Monday evening, Miss Dorothy’s son Doug treated us to dinner at an Italian restaurant, where he is the chef.  He is so happy that our team has been working on his mom’s house.  Tuesday we had a hot dog roast down the hill behind the rigs.

We have been blessed to stay at Oak Grove UMC.  The people have been very welcoming to the NOMADS and are our hosts for the RVs.  
Gene and Carolyn Freeman, team leaders in Hattiesburg