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Rebuilding Continues in Oklahoma 11-3-17


The Oklahoma Disaster Rebuild project just completed the 4th and 5th weeks of this project, completing one home and starting work on two others. Week 4 was augmented by an extra pair of hands as John and Sue Hunter asked to stay another week, and there was room and plenty of work.

All three homes being worked on were damaged in the 2015 flood, with the first home being empty since the event. That home is now ready for the family to move back in. On our last day there, we were able to meet with the owner and present her with a bible and she was overwhelmed with gratitude.

The two new homes have been occupied since the flood, but the living conditions have been less than acceptable. The work has included repairing sub-floors and flooring, drywall, door repair and/or replacement, as well as ceiling repair following water damage.

At the end of this week, everyone left, with the exception of the team leaders, but an entire new team of 3 RVs will be pulling in this weekend to enable us to kickoff a new week. Hal Wright, our local project manager, has already laid out plans for the next 4 days that will keep all the Nomads busy, and will enable us to complete one of these two homes.  

Morris Davis, NOMADS team leader