We are a ministry of the United Methodist Church

Our Teams Get Great Reviews!


Our period 13 projects ended recently, and the United Methodist agencies where we worked this period had some wonderful things to say about their teams:

"Perfect! Could not have gone any better. Very flexible as weather changed and materials arrived, excellent results and they got a lot done. A very fun group and we all enjoyed having them here and hated to see them go."

"The Nomads showed great flexibility. Weather was not the best as rain hit so many were asked to help inside. This project happened amidst the hurricanes and as a disaster response agency, a tremendous amount of product came in and out of this building. The Nomads stepped up to the challenge and managed to help us keep things moving. They loaded and unloaded tremendous amounts of product and always wore a smile. An awesome team leader!!!"

"Great group of people. Participants worked very hard. Nomads are such a great blessing to have. Hate to see them go."

"I cannot say enough about this NOMAD crew. They were a small group but they were very hardworking and productive.  Nothing but praise from all of us on staff."

"The people on the team were outstanding! They were fun to have here, got along great, and got a lot done! Had one first time couple and they had a great experience."