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Hattiesburg Weekly Report 10-21-17


This past week, week 3, in Hattiesburg was a real busy one.  We are still working on the home of Nathanial and Sandra, but were also given another home to finish.  The work at Nathanial and Sandra’s home progressed with the floors being sanded in preparation of a new polypropylene finish.  Gene, Gene, Sharon, and Mary Ann, all worked for three straight days sanding the floors.  The wooden floors are at least sixty years old.  After sanding off the old finish, and a lot of paint and sheetrock mud, they really look great.  Art spent the week learning a new skill.  Daryl, our construction coordinator, brought us a breaker bar and rolls of metal, for making metal covers for the wood framing around the windows and doors.  With a little training Art went to work.  He did a great job.  He said he wasn’t going to add this new skill to his skill list, but now you all know.  Not only did he do the metal work, but once we had the bathroom flooring down, he took the time to install the commode in the bathroom.  He became our hero that day.  Now the team doesn’t have to walk to Dollar General or Family Dollar for a bathroom.

Carolyn and Jo spent the week painting the outside of the house.  They did a great job considering the age of the house and the height that they had to get to.  There is still a lot of painting to do on the outside. 

All of the team members worked on other small projects during the week to get the house in an almost finished condition.

Wednesday, Gene and Carolyn, went with Gary over to the next house that was given to us to finish.  This house has had all of the sheetrock work completed except texturing the ceiling and painting.  The team will be installing kitchen cabinets, laminate flooring, and painting all of the inside walls.  All of the inside windows and doors will need trim work, as will new baseboard installed. 

Gary and Sharon left this week turning the leadership over to Gene and Carolyn.  Sue, and Marty and Carol, will be the new team members arriving this week, adding to the team of Gene and Carolyn, Gene and Mary Ann, and Art and Jo.