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Team Hattiesburg Weekly Report 10-13-17


Week 2 in Hattiesburg was another productive week.  We are continuing our work at the home of Sandra and Nathaniel.  Nathaniel has been over several times working on the outside of the home.  He is a professional stucco man.  He does great work.  Sandra is excited about getting back in her home after being away from it for over eight months.

George and Lynn spent the week in the bathroom – finishing the sheetrock work.  They finished the taping and mudding getting it ready for paint.  By Wednesday lunch it was done.  Gary, George, and Sharon painted the walls with wallboard primer.  It was already starting to look like a finished room.  Sharon and Gary finished the kitchen floor by putting down the quarter round around the base of the floor.  Lynn spent a lot of time scraping the door frames and small cabinet doors in the bathroom.  There must have been four coats of paint on the frames and doors, fifty year’s worth of paint.  All of this received a coat of KILZ and is ready for painting.  A lot of cleaning was done also, mostly moving out some old items that belong to the home owners.  Besides some minor plumbing to be done, our next big project is to sand and refinish the hardwood floors.  Not knowing if any of the team members coming in this week would have the skills to do the floors, I called a couple of them.  When I called and asked Gene F. if he knew how, he started laughing.  It just so happens that he was in the middle of a floor refinish job for his son.  WOW, does our God answer prayer or what!

We saw George and Lynn leave a day early.  Lynn’s father, in Jacksonville, FL, has been in the hospital, and is not doing well.  Sorry to see them leave, but know that they are needed there.  We will miss them.  We are all praying for Lynn and her father.

This week we will see Gene and Carolyn, Gene and Mary Ann, and Art and Jo arrive.  We have a big week ahead of us next week.

Gary and Sharon Hatcher
Team Leaders