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Disaster Rebuilding Again in Hattiesburg, Mississippi 10-6-17


Our first week back in Hattiesburg, MS, has been very productive.  The Disaster Rebuild team of Max and Anne, George and Lynn, Dave and Judy, and Gary and Sharon, hit the ground running on Monday morning.  We were assigned the home of Nathaniel and Sandra, which was one of the first that repairs were started on.  Many other volunteer groups had worked on this home during the last several months.  NOMADS were assigned the home to finish it.  This week the team repaired several spots in the sheetrock where the tape and mud were not finished very well, sanded and repainted some old trim work around doors, scraped and sanded paint off of some old doors preparing them for new paint, finished installing sheetrock in the bathroom and starting the tape and mudding work, rebuilt a pantry (that had been hidden behind a wall that had been damaged by the tornado, home owner didn’t know it was there), and installed a new floor in the kitchen.  There were many more other little finish items that were completed, the team worked really hard this past week.  There is much to do to finish, including the bathroom and possibly refinishing the hard wood floors.  If there are any NOMADS that have experience with a floor sander, sure could use your help for a week.

Max and Anne, and Dave and Judy are leaving us this week.  Really going to miss them.