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Our Agency Partners Love their NOMADS!


Here are some of the latest comments from our agencies where we have had recent projects:

"Wonderful!  All participated on projects to their capabilities. Nomads differ from most volunteers as they are always willing to take on any task with a smile. None come with their own agenda and our workload is always dictated by the immediate needs of others."

"They did an awesome job, great to work with, really enjoyed having this group as well as the groups in the past."

"The NOMADS group this time was small but energetic. They quickly assimilated into our church community and became friends with several of us. We enjoyed having devotions and fellowship meals with them whenever it was possible. The quality of their work was excellent. The rooms are all beautiful!"

"Beyond expectations. They also saved us lots of dollars which conference is grateful for."

'From the first day I met this team to the last day they pursued Excellence! I was amazed at how well they all worked together on each project. Their skill sets are incredible. Everyday whether it was 60 degrees or 90 degrees two of the ladies were hard at work clearing the garden and working in the church yard. The men found repairs needed and always asked permission to complete before moving forward with a project. My skill set improved by watching repairs being completed. Our team leader communicated and worked well with his group explaining instructions clearly and concisely. This group was the kindest, most caring and Christian people I have ever worked with."