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New NOMADS Host Agency Partner in North Carolina


Partners In Ministry (P.I.M.) is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families in communities in southeastern North Carolina.  Associated with the North Carolina Methodist Conference, P.I.M. initiates partnerships with local churches and community organizations to work as one in the Body of Christ. One of their programs is Rehabilitation Outreach And Recovery.  R.O.A.R. is an advocate for a safe and healthy living environment and seeks to combat community deterioration by helping to rehabilitate substandard homes in blighted neighborhoods and guard them against future deterioration.  Homeowners must qualify to receive help and R.O.A.R. has identified over 60 homes in the area that have urgent repair needs. Grants have been awarded for materials but labor is needed.  Can you help? NOMADS will park in a private campground. [www.rdpim.org]