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Lumberton NC Disaster Team Weekly Report July 8th


Our team this week consisted of Max and Anne, Suzanne, Morris and Karen and Dave and Rita who joined us this week. Mike, our leader last week, returned home. Thanks Mike for leading us last week.

Since Tuesday was Independence Day the team celebrated with home made ice cream – strawberry and vanilla. It certainly helped with the heat.

This week the base and quarter round were completed in the bathroom/closets. All the trim was caulked and all the doors were painted in the bathroom as well. The base and quarter-round were installed and caulked in the bed room. The new door was installed and painted in the bedroom/sitting room. Crown molding was completed/painted in the bedroom and sitting room. Sitting room was painted. Laminate flooring was installed in the sitting room and the base was partially installed. The remaining electrical plates were cleaned and installed. Our building coordinator is hoping to have the air conditioning working in the bedroom and bathroom sometime this week so Elizabeth and her husband can move in. Hopefully we will complete the sitting room this next week and plan to move on to the family room which Mary Elizabeth started painting on Thursday. The construction coordinator has decided that we need to install quarter round in the laundry room and large closet as well so there will also be more trim to paint and install. It will be another busy week “being the hands and feet.”

Our major prayer request is for a break in the heat. This past week was the hottest yet and we unfortunately lost the nice breezes we had been enjoying. The mornings were not too bad but by the afternoons the temperatures were pretty oppressive requiring additional breaks for hydration. Our team is working hard and holding up well.

Max and Anne