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Agencies love their NOMADS teams!


Check out the comments from recent NOMADS projects, by the staff at the agencies we serve:

"The Team Leader was organized, efficient, did a great job planning out the work, and was skilled in the work we needed done. They were good natured and communicated well with us. The Team members had a wide range of skills, were cheerful and engaging with our own volunteers who were on site to help them out. This was an outstanding experience. They accomplished so much and were completely delightful. We will definitely request additional teams in the future."

"Everyone in the group was fantastic. All were hard working and contributed to the project. We had the right team members for our project."

"Great work and awesome participation."

"The group that was here was fantastic. They worked hard, got along well and above all had fun. We were grateful for all the work that was accomplished. This would not have been completed without them. The quality of their work was A+; our Facility Manager was extremely happy with the craftsmanship. This was our first experience and it was awesome. We already are looking forward to 2018."

"Excellent. Their attitudes, gung ho nature, and love for God was inspiring. Really appreciate this team, their desire to work hard/serve, and to care for this ministry!"

"Absolutely the finest nomad team I have worked with, gelled very quickly, accomplished great things, and seemed to be happy going about it. Could possibly be poster children for your ministry."

"The work that this group did was exceptional! They were a pleasure to have around and jumped right in to help with many different projects. They all worked wonderfully together as a team."

"Everyone worked hard and participated. A++."

"This was not what most would consider to be a "fun" project. The team stuck with the projects and work better than I expected. In addition, they did it with a smile as they took on the challenge. They were very positive, creating daily and weekly goals to keep their motivation."